October – A Bittersweet Journey in Nevada

My best high school buddy, Mike has had a bad year and I am certain he will be glad as it rolls to a close in December. He lost his mother at the end of the summer and now his father last week. Both events constituted trips for me to visit my old stomping grounds, and spend time with my friend and his wife. With life circling around us, we could take time to breathe and enjoy each other’s company and get in a ride or two as well!

I took my favorite route from Folsom up to Mormon Emigrant Trail or alternate Hwy. 50. Mormon Immigrant Trail connects to Hwy. 88 and a quick left turn sent me to see the fall colours in Hope Valley and enough smooth pavement and grand sweepers to make the trip quite enjoyable. The colours were simply gorgeous!

See for yourself…

Thumbs up for the ride!

Overlook on Hyw 88
Hwy 88

Lola and 88

Silver Lake

Fall colours in Hope Valley

Below Woodfords heading towards Hwy 395


Friday evening draws to a close above Carson City


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