June – Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR

Adventure: Day 1

Sacramento to Portland

A trip contrived by my best friend’s 50th surprise birthday and there was simply no doubt that I must attend. No convenient flights, and a very capable bike and rider. My mother, like many, does not approve, but I decided this is from what adventures spawn, and she would understand once I arrived at her home in Portland and relieved her worry.

Leaving Sac at 2pm wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, but hey, those of you that know me realize the burden I bear with time and have either become tolerant or complacent, either way, you realize my failings. I am lucky in that I have a job with minimal deadlines and no required clocked hours, or I would be supplied with very meager pay.

I pondered over my new AAA maps trying to figure a way to avoid I-5, however with the late start and many miles ahead, I decided to take I-5 to ? and then rethink the path. The ride to Redding was uneventful, but strangely prophetic. I never felt quite connected, and as fate would have it, the clouds opened up in Redding and began pelting me with a cold rain. Yep, rain in Redding and vented clothing, a lousy combination. After making my way to Weed in the persistent rainfall, I decided I had had enough and burrowed in a motel in Weed, found cover for Lola, had a great Mexican meal and nice bath and called it a day.

Adventure Day 2

The following morning I rose, called my mother to let her know I was getting back on the road, however was taking a diversion to Crater Lake.

Mom: “Why do you want to go to Crater Lake?”

Me: “Because I have never seen it.”

Mom: “Yes you have, you were there as a child!”

Me: “Well…ok… I am going again…today”

Mom: “You would think with so little time, you would rather visit your mother”

Me: “Mother, you know I look forward to visiting you (damn she can slap on the guilt) but it will be after I see Crater Lake. I will call as the day goes by, so you don’t worry. (ya, like that will help) It was 9am.

The road to Crater Lake was gorgeous. The traffic was sparse and travel was brisk. There were wonderful sweepers and clear skies, a much nicer day than previously. As I climbed elevation, the air became much colder and I found myself stopping for leathers and long underwear.

The elevation is a mere 6000 ft. but there was still plenty of snow on the ground and melting snow flowing across the roadways. I used my National Park Pass and entered the park, and climbed up the last winding roadway to the lake and what a sight to behold!!

First sight of the lake


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