May – Riding Nirvana–Pool Station Rd.

The Wizard of Oz monkeys seem to be flying around my life right now, bringing all sorts of devious news. Though nothing, other than waking up in Kansas, or yesterday’s ride around my stomping grounds could have contributed more to secure my well being!!

I sailed over my most favorite roads and ended up riding Pool Station twice!!! Ah, riding Nirvana!

I Left Folsom at 9 am riding Latrobe Rd to Hwy 16 to Willow Creek Rd to Sutter Ione Rd, then continued through Jackson and down Hwy 49 to Pool Station Rd., which is a right turn heading south just before you enter the town of San Andreas.

Sadly the road is not endless, however contains the perfect mix of glassy road surface, twisties, open meadows and woods. A road to keep your you alert due to a couple of unpredictable twists, but a road that offers a most stimulating ride of the senses. PERFECT!!!

Pool station terminates at Hwy 4, so I took a left and continued my into Angel’s Camp providing yet another riding epiphany of twisty perfection.

Though I was in the zone, I stopped at Starbucks, to water up and enjoy a an iced cuppa joe. I pulled up in front, stop, and then proceeded to drop my keys into my scalding engine!! I was stuck there till it cooled and I could use a leatherman tool to fish them out! Some guys saw me and wondered what I had lost. We all had a good laugh about the silly situation and I ended up befriending these very nice gents and hung out chatting for about an hour. They were riding a Vulcan Nomad, a Harley and a Triumph Rocket 3, the largest monster of a machine I have ever seen!!!

When I left Angel’s Camp, I had the option of taking a couple of different directions home, but decided to return home riding back over Pool Station. What a BLAST!!! After Pool Station, I spent the entire rest of the day just riding as many side roads as I could before returning to Folsom, spent and sore at 6pm. What a perfect day!

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