March – Sprint Abuse

I never really aspired to riding on dirt until today and the challenge was met with a hearty, “ok, I’m committed”. Of course I honestly never considered that I wasn’t really on a proper bike for such a ride nor in a proper place. Instead, my first dirt ride was a 15 mile stretch of dirt and gravel to Ft. Churchill, NV. When I saw the “road closed” sign, I must admit to having a surge of adrenaline fear climbing up my yellow spine, but I pressed on.

Now the dirt riders here will laugh and scoff at my silly trial, however upon arriving at mile 15, unscathed with Nigel eagerly awaiting some bump-free asphalt running, I must claim some glory and accomplishment. I made it, error free, still rubber side down.

And here is the proof. I have no photos of the near falls I had in less hard-packed sand but I have the proof on my face in the form or new “frown” wrinkles!! Gotta say, it did give me a bit of a scare as I began to slide, then I remembered the golden words or m0t0-ryder that Gary had shared with me earlier….”when it doubt, power it out”, and I did just that!!

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