October – Another Birthday Adventure

Another birthday and another day to celebrate the meaning of life. Monty Python has us ponder biogenesis with a humorous distain in their film “The Meaning of Life”. From birth to death they cheer on humanity as they work out the kinks of existence. I however, see my life as a glass half-full though each year takes a bit more out of my half. I think I may soon tire of sharing and simply quit having birthdays in order to keep my half-full glass uhhhhhhh…half-full.

Well, what can one do but live life fully without regret, enjoying every breath we get on this marvelous planet earth. This birthday proved no exception to another totally hedonistic celebration. What can I say, except it was all about me!

Ok, this could become a slippery slope so no more philosophy…just some pictures displaying “me” celebrating what a truly GREAT day of birth I enjoyed.

Top of Monitor Pass with John (Fast_Far) and Jim (Kluts) the guys who made me have some fun…

Front sides of our gorgeous machines

The backs of the bikes and the hillside of Monitor Pass

Monitor Pass twisties

While having lunch in Bridgeport we saw this helicopter flying around and wondered what exactly they were up to. I still don’t know but did see them on the ground near the reservoir on Sweetwater pass. They sure are big machines.


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