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Riding at Night: The Twilight Zone

I found this at forum and found it very useful. I imagine most of us have found ourselves off schedule a bit and have had to do some night riding. Others choose night riding, preferring the roads less crowded. Either way, the gentleman who wrote this has some wonderful insight into the “twilight zone”.

Please keep in mind that this was written for Aussie riders, so the road tips are inverse to the US rider. You will need to reverse them as we travel in the right lane, not the left. (most of the time 😀 )

A Motorcycle Ride Back in Time

Yesterday four friends braved the spring winds to take a cool jaunt into history. By that I mean we traveled to visit a Civil War Re-enactment preformed in Knights Ferry, about 100 miles south of Sacramento. The route we took was less than direct so we could incorporate some of the twistier roads and avoid local traffic.


Need a moto-chair?

While surfing the web the past couple of days, I discovered that when you do a blanket search into a browser you are playing bingo. You either get more of what you need or something totally unrelated. Either way can be entertaining.

I was entertained by what I considered some very interesting home furnishings. Once I found one, others followed and the level of tackiness increased logarithmically. Let it be known, if you have a love for motorbikes and an endless pocketbook, you can show your bike-love to the world.

I believe this wins the most outrageous award and comes accompanied with a tremendous price tag £1,299.99. Living room panache offering guests a unique ride!


March – Back roads riding with Gary

Today, my general dislike of riding with others had a face lift. I went riding with my husband and had a delightful ride, right in our own backyard. We shot over to the gold country and traversed several back roads crisscrossing between farm country, hillsides, dams and tiny towns.

The wildflowers were in full regalia and the sun in full glory. It was a perfect day to ride together.

Willow Creek Road


Riding with Others: Finding your “Pace”

After posting about why I continue to ride solo most of the time, I thought of all the others that completely enjoy riding with others and how, for many, riding together is what riding is about. This post is for you!!

In regards to “the group ride”, as a new rider a few seasons ago, I felt less than satisfied. I found myself either over my head riding with those that expected more than I was able to provide, or feeling like the odd woman out, trailing the group by a distance in an effort to not ride over my head. Quite the compelling irony!