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A somber reminder…

The weekend was a beautiful one in Walker, CA located in the desert east of the Sierras, but on Saturday evening, I received a somber reminder of our fragility, as I discovered that one of my dear friends had been in a horrible motorcycle accident while touring across Idaho.

Tyler Risk, tour owner and operator of NorthStar Motor Tours is badly injured but healing in Boise, ID. Her details can be found here with frequent updates and the most heartfelt letters of support that I have ever read. This is an amazingly well loved lady!

Please send her your healing light, your positive energy and your prayers. Let’s get her well and back home.

Tyler in Walker, CA 2008 Pashnit Girly Ride

The Vincents HRD…it just keep getting better!

Click to view full-size poster…

Just back from a tour of OR!

My lack of updates has been nothing intentional. I left for a 12 day stint riding through central OR with my husband Gary. We stopped for a few days in Portland to see family and then met friends near the OR coast for our continued southbound journey. We arrived home only a night ago.

We are sorting pictures now, to get a ride report posted, but in the meantime, here are a couple of teasers.

OR has some absolutely amazing roads and riders. What a delightful treat!

Another Vincent Tidbit

In an article in the Los Angeles Times, Susan Carpenter states that vintage motorcycles are being sold at auction, “Now they’re paying six figures. And the price increases are happening even as the market for new motorcycles is tanking.” Read more here. Even in a down economy, the sexy Vincent shows its class!!

This Vincent Black Shadow sold for $389,400 in October 08.

More on Vincents

In a attempt to follow up with the Vincent thread, I have some new information to share with you vintage model lovers with a “new twist on an old favorite” as coined by this article.

The new Vincent Black Shadow is quite a looker as you can see from the following pix.
The Standard Version

Sport Version

Touring Version

This gorgeous machine comes with a befitting price tag, one that puts it way over my budget, 75K. I imagine Jay Leno has at least one! ; )

More trivia…
Here is an amusing little eulogy given by Raoul Duke (aka the Dr.) at H.S. Thompsons memorial. Never sure if he was talking about H.S. or his Vincent Shadow.
“There he goes, one of God’s own prototype’s. Some kind of high powered mutant. Never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, too rare to die.”

More tomorrow!