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09 Pashnit Girly Ride–Tyler’s Purple Ride

It came and went but was one of the best, most fun, group rides ever and here’s the text and pix to prove it. This year’s ride was dedicated to one of last year’s ride leaders who, only weeks before this year’s ride, was badly injured in a motorcycle accident. When we discovered that “purple” was the healing color, we assembled the appropriate purple accouterments and accessories for this year’s ride, “Tyler’s Purple Ride”, everyone donning purple, or purplizing the bikes. We were a very festive appearing group and began our weekend in party mode!


09 Pashnit Girly Ride–Tyler’s Purple Ride–The Riders

Donna aka Demenshea

Sarah aka RoxxieRae

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My artistic outlet on the coast!

I have been fortunate this week to be able to spend some time at my friend Gurdon’s studio in Ft. Bragg. What a treat, an apartment to stay in and an amazing art studio to express myself.

I began a painting yesterday…here is the foundation of it. Thus far I am liking where it’s going!!

Here is the studio space…wow, what a treat!

Girls Recon Ride to Walker over the Sierras

It began as a simple Recon ride to gather up all the info we might possibly need for the girly ride. I mean, one never knows what one might encounter. The weather was HOT so, let’s see how we fair sans the cooling vests!!

Holly, Kharon and I left Sacramento late, and decided to slab it up Hwy 50 to Sly Park and take Mormon Immigrant Trail to Silver Fork looping back to Hwy 50. Neither Holly nor Kharon had ridden it. I love introducing new blood especially when it is a rare type! The road is awesome!!

We stopped at a bridge on the Silver Fork to take in the gorgeous vistas. While we were there we heard gunshots. I know that probably isnt’t unusual in the outback country, but it just seemed odd to me, coming all this way out to this pristine country to target practice. Someone explain that to me like I am 5.

Plenty of water so far, but it’s not yet August!



This made my day a little brighter!