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Street Vibrations concludes with dull roar not a bang

The 2009 Street Vibration Motorcycle celebration brought both revenue and noise into Reno, but this years conclusion was chalked up as a “peaceful event”.

The final tally showed 72 arrests with alcohol being a factor in most of the offenses, officials said Monday. I suppose considering there were nearly 25,000 bikes in attendance, that arrest figure isn’t bad, although to see less, would be ideal. I, a rider, do not understand combining alcohol and riding, but many of the events terminate at bars or include bar visits. Virginia City, whose dangerous grade can be lethal is often cited for alcohol abuse, however it is not limited to the historic town. If destination consumption were observed, the highways in and out of the Reno area would be much safer for everyone traveling on them.

Police stats:
68 adults and four juveniles arrested, 50 non-traffic citations issued, 77 traffic citations issued and 23 people taken into protective custody for intoxication, actions.
Six motorcycles and 10 saddlebags were reported stolen.

“Deal” of the Week!

I thought it would be cool to start putting up a “deal” of the week for moto-gear, books, great meal deals, sex toys, you know…whatever! This week, I found two motorcycle jackets on close out at NewEnough’s bargain basement.

The first is a Joe Rocket “Jet Set” leather jacket. The price is $149.00 with sizes from XS to XXL in varying colors.
* 1.2 to 1.4mm cowhide
* Dual density protectors in shoulders, elbows and forearm
* Removable spine pad with pocket for optional C.E. spine protector
* Variable Flow ventilation system
* Sure Fit adjustable waistband
* Reflective stripe


Minx the new Draggin’ Jeans with protection, stretch and a female fit!

Ok…now their ad photo is a bit much, but I do like seeing new riding pants that are designed specifically with women in mind that are nicely fitted, sexy and lined with Kevlar® and Dyneema® for protection. Draggin Jeans renowned revolutionary fibre technology shines in this new Minx model pant.

The new Minx were designed by Draggin Jeans own General Manager and rider Fiona Mackintosh so the take is from a rider perspective. The stylish design of this pant has the front a bit lower than the back and hugs the body with a soft finish.

Across the Room sung by Allison Sattinger–WOW!

Every now and then I hear a musical artist that knocks my socks off. Today was one of those with the angelic, clear and melodic voice of Allison Sattinger. She is a musical force and I am presenting one of her gorgeous melodies, Across the Room. Enjoy!!

Thanks go to my British friend, Steve for bring this lady to my attention! Thanks, Steve!!

Best ever Touring checklist!

Atlas Rider who brought us the most humorous but most frustrated “how to pick up a fallen motorcycle” video, has a wonderful touring check list for the motorcycle traveler. I have seen many lists but nothing as conclusive as this one.

I hope his list can help many of you as you gear up for those longer journeys.