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Couch Potato Ride–Bakersfield to Sacramento–the last leg home

I arrived in Bakersfield just before nightfall for the second time on this trip. My night riding skills were quickly becoming quite honed.



Couch Potato Ride–Twentynine Palms to Death Valley then on to Bakersfield

Morning broke with sunshine and a slight breeze making me extremely pleased, however when I took my first load out to the bike, I was struck by how chilly the air felt. It was a brisk 30 degrees! I broke out the gerbing gear and connected my dual controller to the bike and unconnected the GPS. The darned thing had been near worthless so let it suffer being discharged. I got my bad motel coffee while I packed up the bike and was out in the morning air around 8ish, early for me!

Rhyolite is not quite like any other ghost town that I have visited. Sure there are the old ruins and the tales but I have never seen a another ghost town with an artist’s interpretation of the Last Supper, but here in Rhyolite lives a rather amazing sculpture by Albert Szukalski. One of two. The other is called Ghost Rider and both are both whimsical and a bit eerie and created in 1984. They are joined with other symbolic sculptures of vast size and placement in this ominous desert terrain. More information on the outdoor sculptures can be found at Goldwell Open Air Museum.

Icara 1992 by Dre Peeters


Couch Potato Ride–Twentynine Palms to Salton Sea and Back

Up early and hangover free made this rider easily road ready. I wanted to further explore Joshua Tree NP and then make my way to the Salton Sea. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this diversion, but I was looking forward to seeing some different country and with that I was not disappointed. The ride took longer than I had expected,(the motto of this trip) as usual and I knew I’d have to cut some sightseeing short, if I wanted to try and make my goal of Parumph, NV, which I thought was probably a bit ambitious, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to try. I ended up lucky to make it back to 29 Palms, by dark let alone any farther. But let’s, not jump ahead.

In Joshua Tree National Park

The Cholla cactus garden


Couch Potato Ride–Cambria to Twentynine Palms

Santa Rosa Creek Rd

Hwy 58


Couch potato Ride–Sacramento to Cambria

This has been one of the more difficult ride reports to write, as they usually flow each evening as I retrace my thoughts. However, this oddity of a ride began with my dragging my feet, not literally but metaphorically as I was having a really slow start fraught with bizarre issues beginning with my possessed GPS unit. No, really, I’m certain some apparition took hold of the darned thing and told it, “Make this woman’s ride a folly.”

Every time I would attempt to ride a scenic motorcycle hottie of a road, it would make me do a U-turn and change routes. Now, not knowing the areas I was traveling, I wasn’t sure if the damned thing was lying or not, and rather than take a chance of ending up somewhere unusually odd I instead got plenty of U-turn practice.

Speaking of odd, the route Mr. GPS suggested through Livermore, was the worst. It took me forever to get through that place and in lousy traffic as well. I must say that along with U-turn practice, I also got plenty of lane sharing drills, all the while I kept repeating to myself, “I will not drop kick this device, I will not drop kick this device,” until I finally had enough speed to have forgotten about it all together. C’est la vie.

Sac Delta