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Long winter, or so it seems!

Man, it’s been a long winter this year, but maybe part of that is because my life has been so full of turbulent storms! My father this year is showing signs of demenshea and my ol’ yellow tabby developed diabetes, so I am been immersed in health care of one form or another. Phew. I am ready for spring!!

Today the weather was warm and clean a good sign of things to come. Sadly, I didn’t get out on the bike but I did get some needed chores done anticipating good weather tomorrow and on into the upcoming week. I plan on a ride to Nevada to check on my dad and get some wind in my face (at least when I raise my helmet!) I could use a good diversion and re-centering.

Welcome SPRING!! (though I may be a bit premature, it helps me to delude myself.
; )

Last spring…but I am ready now.

The Art Deco Motorcycle–BMW R7

The BMW R7 was indeed a treasure demonstrating the sleek styling of the bygone Art Deco area.

Crafted in 1934 by design engineer Alfred Böning whose vision was a departure from the “bicycle with motor” design still prevalent in the 1930s. The R7 incorporated sweeping enclosed bodywork, a pressed steel frame, valanced mudguards and then-innovative telescopic front forks.


Stop, Signal, Manoeuvre 1960’s British Motorcycle Safety Video!

I don’t know…Tom may be safe, but he seems a bit stodgy to me.