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More excellent photos from Streetmasters workshop April 2010

I was so impressed with my Streetmastes course, but nothing is better than seeing the fruits of ones labor. Bruce Laidlaw, Streetmasters official photographer got some absolutely wonderful actions shots during the course that I took. He sent me the files, free of charge just for my own enjoyment, however I did think this would be fun to share with the readers of my blog.

course conversation…

Walt takes me out on the track to demonstrate proper use of “delayed late apex”.


More on the Death Valley Ride

The CA Poppy Reserve

My travel mate Bruce took some wonderful shots and though I don’t usually post other’s travel photos, most of these are of me, so why not?

STREETMASTERS Precision Cornering Workshop

Riders all need improvement as it allows safer more confident riding skills and Streetmasters is the place to get excellent instruction with real world riding experience on the Horse Thief Mile at Willow Springs Raceway in SoCal. I was fortunate enough to have the time on my last tour to drop by and take the full day class. I was delighted to find myself in Walt Fulton’s group, one of the two owners of the school. He was both patient yet insistent that I correct the riding flaws he found, and ride better and safer in doing so.

The classes are small, so that you get instant feedback on your performance, having only 4-5 students per instructor and all the instructors are well experienced with years of riding skills to offer. The track with substantial elevation changes is much like any mountain we ride, offering up decreasing radius turns climbing in elevation. It’s crazy how the track feels once you are out there, and even though you don’t experience any “blind” corners, it feel much like you are! While half the group is on the track the other half is on the paddock doing drills in quickstops, swerves, u-turns and more, honing the necessary skills to ride in everyday traffic.

The riding speeds are controlled as this class is NOT a track day but a day to improve ones riding skills. You begin fairly slow and end up riding near 50mph with was more than enough for this lass!

The class is open to all styles of motorcycles and even to those riding 2-up. The team of “master instructors”, experienced in vast dimensions of motorcycle riding, are there to help you learn. Plan on a full day of riding and instruction and to be tired but contented by the end of the day! The requirements for riders are that all will need a valid drivers license with a motorcycle endorsement and photo ID, a minimum 2 years riding experience or 3,000 miles recent riding experience, be 18 years old or older and provide proof of motorcycle insurance. This class is aimed at the experienced rider needing to hone skills to always ride vigilantly and confidently.

The class is more than affordable at $390 for a full day of instruction, lunch, refreshments, snacks, drinks and track fees. Streetmasters offers several group discounts and will work with nearly every budget. All enrollment information is found on their website. Please, do yourself a favor and hone your skills with Streetmasters!

Friends, Death Valley, Streetmasters and some Awesome CA backroads!

They say experience leads to wisdom, however early Tuesday morning, my experience taught me I was lacking in motorcycle maintenance as I prepared to ride off to meet my friend, Bruce in the blooming desert of Southern CA. My battery was as dead as the proverbial doornail. I hadn’t ridden the bike for weeks and should have had it on a trickle charger, but noooooo, instead I delayed my departure by a couple of hours, while I let the Bandit charge. Should of, would of, could of, oh well, so much for wisdom!

When I finally got off, it was much later than anticipated, however, when traveling by motorcycle, schedules are best left back to those whose jobs require punctuality and boredom. My job of motorcycling is one of leisure and relaxation.

I schlogged down Hwy 99 to Hwy 178 out of Bakersfield and went directly to Ridgecrest, where I was meeting Bruce for the first time, in person. Up to this moment we had been “forum friends” only. We were about to jump into “real” friendship territory. We both had the time available and the desire to see Death Valley in the spring, in all its blooming splendor, so had planned an impromptu trip, exploring the area for a couple of days. Then to my delight, I was also given the opportunity to join Streetmasters: Precision Cornering Workshop at Willow Springs Track. This was going to be a GREAT week.

A long overnight at Motel6 and a quick breakfast saw us on the road to Trona (mars?) and the back entrance to Death Valley via Wildrose Pass.

The scenic smokestacks of Trona

Undefined piece of equipment, but oh what glorious colors!


Off to Death Valley and a refresher course with Streetmasters!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading south to DV to do some riding with a friend and then to attend a day of riding the track working on ridding myself of bad habits and polishing up the good with Streetmasters Precision Cornering Workshop.

The desert wildflowers are supposed to be opulent and magnificent right now as the weather has warmed the soil and spring rains feeding the glory. I hope to get lots of photos to share upon my return. My bandit can’t wait to be freed from his garage prison.

Stay tuned!
Above pic taken in 2005, the banner wildflower year for DV on a trip done by my husband Gary and me.