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Viajar por España – Part 4

An early start was a very difficult thing in Spain since one never eats until well past 10pm and then after walking off dinner, I found myself getting back to the motel near midnight and then I simply had to view the day’s photos. I don’t believe I ever got to bed much before 1-2 am nightly. It was crazy. I am still trying to convince Gary that I was up late, as since I have been home, I have been wanting to sleep at 10pm and I am up at 4am…ya, well that just blows!!

Anyway, I am getting off topic. I got out of Granada as early as I could after showering, packing hanging in the cafeteria drinking cafe con leche. I had the bike packed in moments and I was on my way up the steep ramp and out into the glowing sunshine of Granada and on my way to yet another hill village following some more of Spain’s wonderful secondary roadway!

I don’t believe this building had any historic significance, but I thought it was way cool none the less and thought what it would be like to own and restore it.

Poppies were everywhere. So much of this area reminded me of central California.