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Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.1

Another great adventure began…one of “what comes next”, as I stood helpless watching the State of NV take my father to be evaluated. Well, I guess not helpless, as I could have gone and gathered him up and brought him to live with Gary and me, only life as we know and enjoy it would change to such a degree that I thought better of it. Does this make me a bad daughter, possibly, but more than likely it makes me a smart daughter, able to accept my limitations and know that I probably am not the best resource for dealing with his ongoing dementia. So, I felt that to shake out the demons, best go for a moto-tour and clear my head and heart.

I left fairly early on Thursday wanting to get to Beatty, NV and ride some of my more favorite roads. Riding out of Sacramento has become rote as of late with so many trips to Yerington, but this trip I decided to take 50 to 88 to Monitor Pass to 395 and Big Pine. Leaving Big Pine over 168 to 266 to Hwy 95 and slip quietly smiling into Beatty. I did just that! The weather was perfect, a bit chilly over the passes but otherwise tepid and my new bike was stellar!! I LOVE the new Bandit, what a smooth machine. I can tell there will be miles of smiles with this baby.

Monitor Pass–Hwy 89

Beginning of Fall


Nora Naraghi: Iran’s Female Motorcross Champion

Women exposing any body part beyond the hands and face can be sentenced to up to 70 lashes and two months in prison. Most women are barred from inheritance and the right to initiate a divorce, while men can hold multiple wives. Public buildings often have separate entrances for women and men.

Iran is not the kind of place one expects to find a female dirt bike champion; indeed, Iranian women are not even legally entitled to apply for a motorcycle license.

Meet Noora Naraghi, recent winner of Iran’s first-ever female championship in ‘motocross’, an all-terrain motorbike sport derived from the words “motorcycle” and “cross country”, dubbed by Foreign Policy magazine as an “example of human ingenuity in dealing with dumbass governments.”


Back home from the Southwest ride…sorting photos

Well, I made it back home and have a zillion pix to sort and then I’ll be posting a ride report. I saw some of the most gorgeous country, but then once a desert rat always a desert rat…

Goin’ South!

Another road trip ensues…this time on my NEW bike!!! Follow along with SPOT link.

I’ll post as able.

WOW…skateboards and motorcycles!

You be the judge!! Me, I’m impressed!

Skating Mountains with Motorcycles from michael amundson on Vimeo.