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Todays odd find: Steampunk Whirlygig Emoto–ART ON TWO WHEELS

A Steam Electric Hybrid Motorcycle built by Tom Sepe in August 2007.

Full photographs can be seen on Tom’s flickr Page

Some other interesting steampunk vehicles can be found here on Adventures in Anachronism.

Tron Wear 2010

Get your, “his and hers” matching TRON motorcycle suits. Made by UD Replicas, these are limited edition reproductions of the suits worn by characters Sam Flynn and Quorra. The TRON motorcycle suits feature CE-approved body armor, reflective accents, stretch spandex inserts, silicone hexagon print and form-molded leather detailing. Now all you need is a sleek troncycle on which to show off this sci-fi suit.

Things learned on his first day of riding…a very astute and self-aware post from

I saw this today in the “becoming a better rider” forum of and was totally impressed that a new rider could have such a perfect enlightened day and be able to verbalize it into a very readable post. Thank you Derek for a wonderful read!!

Things I Learned on my First Riding Day
I completed the California Rider Safety Education program, got my endorsement and my license from the DMV, bought some good protective gear (gloves, legs, jacket, full-face helmet, boots) and a new Kawasaki Ninja 650r motorcycle. I had taken it up and down my home street a little after practicing the friction zone in my driveway for a while, then parked it safely at home.

I am a new rider and this advice is based on what I learned in my first day out. I am thus not writing from a well of experience but I’d like to share my observations with anyone who cares to read on.

On Saturday, my good friend joined me. He’s been riding for about 3 years and commuting every day. I think he’s got about 20,000 miles on his bike. We rode all day Saturday, from morning until evening, with stops for food and the like. I learned so much in that first day – from both success and mistakes/failure and thought I’d log it here.

As fall approaches, so does some of the BEST riding and time to contemplate some MOTORCYCLE SAFETY

As fall is upon us, we find ourselves compelled to ride out and see the beautiful fall colors, smell the fresh clean air, and enjoy a less crowded roadway. Some of my favorite riding is done this time of year as the Sierra passes change from verdant green to orange, ocher and umber and the air has that cool crispness that exhilarates my entire being. I love the open highways less filled with urgent drivers trying to make time going to or from somewhere. This is a time for riding out frustration and riding in some new awareness. It’s also time to review some highway safety, think about next season of spring riding when the roads are filled with new riders, apathetic riders and some totally unaware riders that have no business on a motorbike at any time of year! In thinking about this, I’d like to review some motorcycle emergency accident scene management and some rider first aid.

ACCIDENT SCENE MANAGEMENT is when a person steps in, with a calm demeanor and clear head and takes command of an accident scene. In a motorcycle crash it is imperative that the scene is controlled, the victim attended, and emergency personal called. Classes for awareness are offered by Accident Scene Management. org as well as other local organizations such as the American Red Cross.

Here are the main things to keep in mind when you come upon a motorcycle accident:

The first hour of trauma is termed the “Golden Hour” by the Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Trauma victims have the best survival chance if they are in surgery within one hour after the accident. Qualified medical personnel are really the people who should be handling everything, but until they arrive there are things that we, untrained motorcyclists, can do to help the medical professionals before they arrive.

Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.7

My cow buddies…and here I thought there was at least 100 animals braying all night and I discover when it was light out, that there were only 8 or so babies. Poor guys!! If you note, there is a beefalo among them. I was told that National Geographic did a story on this little guy, because they have a difficult time mixing the two breeds but this one was found in the wild with his cow mama. Hmmmm

The “RedBull”