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Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.2

Ride ideas are sometimes altered. Beatty to LV was miserable, hot, straight and boring, but from LV to St. George was even worse. I believe that every bad driver in both NV and UT were on the interstate. I could hardly wait to get off onto Hwy 89 and then after a few miles of it, I was ready for 89A. I breathed cleaner in 89A, the air fresh and a degree or two cooler was welcomed. The road was more open, with less traffic and a few decent twisty areas which brought some color back to my cheeks. I took a break at Jacob’s lake to discover there were no rooms anywhere, even Page was full. Saturday night near the Grand Canyon and no room, not one of my better moves. I called my resourceful husband and he quickly got on it. Next thing I knew was I was housed in a quaint little lodge, Lees Ferry Lodge and cooling down over a cold brew. They had a wall of beer and here I was without my beer drinking connoisseur spouse. Good brews are wasted on me, and I switched to a lovely refreshing pinot grigio. Ahhhh. Onsite food was delicious and easy and the sky that evening was amazing. No lights, a near full moon and a true “starry night”. I was entertained by a lovely Brit couple who alerted me to some river hiking on my route, so I went to bed feeling content and excited about tomorrows ride.

Utah is a very beautiful state, as I am just beginning to really discover.