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Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.3

The ride to the actual Lees Ferry took me into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a sparsely visited park for more serious outdoor sports enthusiasts, which in of itself is ironic, since that certainly doesn’t describe me! The Colorado River is disguised in this area as a lamb, tame and braying softly. I found the “real” Lees Ferry and took a hike along the river bank. It was lovely sans hot and the farther I walked the more I realized I had to travel the same distance in return, so didn’t go any farther than a mile. The trail was an easy walk but shadeless and I was glad to have a camelbak. By the time I got back to my bike I was ready for some brisk riding and as much wind as my windscreen would allow!

The “mellow” CO river