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Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.7

My cow buddies…and here I thought there was at least 100 animals braying all night and I discover when it was light out, that there were only 8 or so babies. Poor guys!! If you note, there is a beefalo among them. I was told that National Geographic did a story on this little guy, because they have a difficult time mixing the two breeds but this one was found in the wild with his cow mama. Hmmmm

The “RedBull”


Goin’ South–A female tale from the desert of the Southwest USA Pt.6

Adventure took shape from my childhood dreams about aliens and space monsters, space ships and space travel. I discovered only a few miles from TorC lay VLA or Very Large Array, a radio astronomy observatory located on the Plains of San Augustin, between the towns of Magdalena and Datil, The movie Contact, with Jody Foster was filmed here and I was enamored by the towers then and here suddenly was the opportunity for me to see the array in real time. I had to go and was NOT disappointed. It’s really crazy sitting out here in the middle of nowhere, but after viewing a short educational film I was able to walk among the arrey and shoot a few shots. Not only was it good for my curiosity, but for my health too as I walked off the delicious lemon pie I had just eaten the town of Magdelena.

Magdelena–awesome Lemon pie with fresh whipped cream!!

Old building in Magdelena that looks to have had some remodeling.