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Things learned on his first day of riding…a very astute and self-aware post from

I saw this today in the “becoming a better rider” forum of and was totally impressed that a new rider could have such a perfect enlightened day and be able to verbalize it into a very readable post. Thank you Derek for a wonderful read!!

Things I Learned on my First Riding Day
I completed the California Rider Safety Education program, got my endorsement and my license from the DMV, bought some good protective gear (gloves, legs, jacket, full-face helmet, boots) and a new Kawasaki Ninja 650r motorcycle. I had taken it up and down my home street a little after practicing the friction zone in my driveway for a while, then parked it safely at home.

I am a new rider and this advice is based on what I learned in my first day out. I am thus not writing from a well of experience but I’d like to share my observations with anyone who cares to read on.

On Saturday, my good friend joined me. He’s been riding for about 3 years and commuting every day. I think he’s got about 20,000 miles on his bike. We rode all day Saturday, from morning until evening, with stops for food and the like. I learned so much in that first day – from both success and mistakes/failure and thought I’d log it here.