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Metropolitan Police Service of London held Women’s Motorbike Day with the help of BMW Motorrad: New Recruits in mind!

The imbalance of women to motorbike officers at the Met has historically been 30 to 1. It seems that may be changing, said Don Smith, Head of the Driver Training School, “we held this event in 09 and hope to hold it again in the coming years to encourage female officers to find out more about this specialism and the career opportunities that exist for police motorcyclists”. MPS attendees who go on to train as motorcycle officers could work in a wide variety of operational commands including Royalty and Diplomatic Protection, Surveillance and Traffic Patrol, lucrative positions for women riders.

“The Metropolitan Police Service’s motorcycle division was strictly ‘ladies only’ at a recent event in London. In an attempt to increase the amount of female officers who use motorcycles as response vehicles, the MPS dedicated an afternoon to demonstrating what it’s like for a woman to work in this specialist area. Throughout the day, female officers interested in becoming police motorcyclists were given the chance to quiz senior female officers about day-to-day operations, and try out the motorcycle fleet for themselves on the training school’s roads.”

Read more about the MET women riders here.

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NEW RIDERS NOTICE-Beginner’s guide to motorcycling!

An excellent compendium of knowledge by Total Motorcycle to assist new riders on their quest for the “perfect motorcycle”, gear and new rider tips to perfect their ride. I hope that many new riders take the time to read before they hit the road. Knowledge is power.

Live long and prosper or Ride well and safely.