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Happy New Year!

Wow…so it’s again that time…ringing in a New Year and reflecting on the past year. It’s been an amazing year for me, one full of living and introspection. What about you? Have you thought about what is ahead and what you left behind?

It’s odd to consider that I could have less left in my life than I have already lived. WHOA….stop the presses…waz that??? Seriously, I hate this year end shit…too much time for reflection and introspection and not enough time for riding, which is what we, as riders, need. Give us the open road, the throttle in hand and the freedom to be who we are.

Hope each of you has a wonderful New Year…I’ll be thinking of you as I ready my machine for yet another season of riding keeping it loose and tight. ; )

NOOOOOOO, say it isn’t so!!!

I just discovered that Paris Hilton is about to launch a new motorcycle racing team called SuperMartxe VIP or so she said in a press conference in Madrid. The SuperMartXe VIP Motorcycle Team is scheduled to compete in the 2011 125cc World Championship motorcycle competition using an Aprilla RSA 125. The two confirmed riders are Sergio Gadea of Spain and Maverick Vanales also of Spain. She will also be scouting for drivers in partnership with a Barcelona-based team, By Queroseno Racing (BQR) and will appear at five races in person. PLEEEEZE….spare me and those of us that take riding seriously!!

Funny, I don’t know any riders who wear their leathers quite as effectively but with such little regard for safety!!! LOL But then we all know, she really isn’t riding a bike ever, is she? Money can buy you damned near anything including a racing team to stuff in your bosom.

Some days the bear get you…Thanks Dude…

Well when it rains it pours and that’s exactly what it is doing right now, pouring.

I am down two bikes with necessary repairs on both due. Bandit1 needs a new chain and sprocket but has new tires and could be ridden anywhere, once the chain and sprocket are repaired. Bandit2 is in need of two new tires, a turn signal and new levers. Total cost of this maintenance is nearly $700 bucks…nice, but I best stop grumbling and “just do it”.

2010 the MOST AWESOME RIDING Year Yet–A year end synopsis slideshow

A bit o’ holiday humor….

The amazing strom seems to have found a new friend.

However this friend seems to have spent too much time alone…; )