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Ducati Diavel…You be the judge!

I watched this video and thought to myself… now this is one bike I’d like to demo ride! ; ) YA!!

Sexy eh??

Riding: A Pillion Perspective!

A friend asked me about taking his wife riding, saying she was less than thrilled when he had attempted it before. Well, I have to say there are those that will NEVER enjoy riding as a pillion, but then there are those that simply don’t know how to be a pillion and are chilled at the thought, both metaphorically and physically!


Woman riding solo: Reflected

I’ve had lots of time this winter to contemplate the solo tour, of which I have been partaking the last several years. In looking back I found some old blog posts that pretty well summed up the solo ride, at least for my purposes and I believe they speak to many.

Riding Solo: A Woman’s Perspective

Regarding this first post, I have experienced over the past years of riding, that I am more subject to curiosity then any sort of animosity and that I don’t harbor any particular fears, other than having to pickup the bike when alone and I do something silly, like grab some front brake when doing slow speeds on dirt and “clunk” over he goes. I have certainly learned from my mistakes over the past few years but know that I am not beyond making more. ; )
I am still religiously using my GPS locator SPOT when solo riding, I also have my charged cell phone, water, snacks, first aid kit, tire plugger, good gear and a smile. I gotta say that it’s the smile that will pretty much get me through most situations. Not that the smile will pick up the bike or fix a flat, but it keeps me balanced. I love the ride, the quiet, the introspection time and the fact I can stop anywhere any time. And when I feel the need for conversation, well, it usually isn’t difficult to find someone with which to converse!

A social network collective…resistance is futile

Well, maybe I simply fell for the chatter, but this seemed like a good aggregate for gathering all my social network information and housing it quite attractively in one professional looking package.


You can tour on a small displacement motorbike!

I have been asked repeatedly about outgrowing a 250cc bike and whether or not one can actually take a tour on such a small motorcycle. Well, the answer is, it depends upon the rider. Obviously there are some challenges riding such a small bike on the freeway or riding where you would have to spend hours at high revs just to keep you little bike out of danger. There would be the challenge of the pass roads where there are miles of hill climbs; however, if you carefully route your travel there is absolutely NO reason it can’t be done on your 250cc machine. Back roads and by-ways are the answer to a fun and successful small displacement tour!