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AMA Get Out and Ride Month Begins April 1st

AMA Get Out and Ride! Month officially launches on April 1, when a special web page on, plus Facebook and Twitter feeds, will provide daily details, including themes for each week:

Kawasaki Versys, worth a serious look!

I have a friend who has a Kawasaki Versys and loves it! I probably should have ridden hers, but hindsight is always 20/20. I love the fact that wet, this bike only weighs #450 and I am feeling weak these days. I plan on taking a better look at this machine and will report back my findings. Right now here are the stats on Kawasaki’s website and a photo of my favorite color. The 2011 version comes in a sort of candy apple red, but I prefer the old skool Kawasaki green. I am comparing this bike for size and agility to the BMW F650GS that I rode in Spain.

Speaking of comparisons… this is a great video comparing the Kawasaki Versys, the Suzuki 650 weestrom and the BMW F650GS.

The jury is still out and I am seeking advice of those who have ridden and compared these three bikes!! Help me obi wan!!

British Artist Grayson Perry takes a trip

Grayson Perry, a 51 year old artist from London, England who has been awarded the Turner Prize in 2003 for his ceramics, built a motorcycle as a tribute to his Teddy bear, Alan Measles. 50 years after first receiving the bear, Perry decided to pay homage to his life long friend by building an ornate and outlandish motorcycle. It’s called the Kenilworth AM1 and according to Perry the bike is mixture of, “Mexican Day of the Dead meets Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

Without going into his troubled youth and bizarre philosophy, we can safely say that this is a true work of art by an “inspired” artist. For more information regarding Mr. Perry, check here on wikipedia.

Humor for the weekend…French motorcycle safety sign


The first testicle protector was used for ice hockey in 1874 … and the first motorcycle helmet in 1974. So it took 100 years for men to finally understand that their heads are also important.
Signed: a WOMAN”

Pashnit Girly Ride 2011 T-shirts

Got ’em done! This year’s ride shirts!

One with vintage cheesecake design and, for those that are put off by that, here’s another design featuring an ol’ skool 4 aces tat design. They are listed on for purchase.

We also have stickers and magnets! Check ‘um out!

Design close up:

Alternative design