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Get me outta here to some good weather!!

You can follow along via the spot link to the right. Am currently in Tucson visiting an old friend. The weather here is perfect and unbelievable. ; ) I was so ready for some fine warm weather.

Leaving Sacramento three days ago proved tedious, with terrible weather, snow flurries, and clouds all the way to Needles, CA. There it was warm and I am currently basking in the sun’s golden rays as they spread across Tucson. Heading to the Desert Museum this afternoon.

Will sort ride photos tonight and get a rider report going! Stay tuned!!

Motorcycle Wind Chill Chart

As I get ready for a road trip, I like seeing what weather I will be anticipating and often wonder how my combined speeds and that of the air temperature create wind chill. The results are sometimes surprising!


Well…my Suzuki mechanic at PCP Motorsports called me today to let me know what he discovered was wrong with my bike since it wouldn’t start on my way home from Streetmasters. The conversation went sort of like this…
“Hey Donna, how’s your afternoon?”
Uh fine. So do I need to be sitting down?
“Well, you know those aftermarket levers you installed? You can’t have the clutch lever set to one as it does’t engage the clutch”.
So what exactly does that mean?
“Well, your bike didn’t register that the clutch was engaged so it wouldn’t start. We adjusted it and there’s no charge. Don’t set it below 2”.
So what am I gonna owe you for this intensive diagnostic?
“Well, we drink Corona”.

So, I get the stupid award and they get a 12 pack of cerveza. Life tends to be fair…:)

Streetmasters 2011: Precision skills for the challenging world of motorcycling

The past weekend was spent at Streetmasters Cornering Workshop on one of the best weekends that it could have been held. The sun glowed, the wind kept at bay and the Horse Thief Mile offered up a perfect riding surface. This was my second year at Streetmasters, but after two months of rainy winter weather, the class seemed like a wonderful way to polish up my skills and get me ready for the new riding season. Honing your skills will not only keep you alive on some tough roadways, but will also help you to relax and enjoy your riding season.


Confessions from a Gear Nazi

I always enjoy a good read and the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies or the IJMS always delivers. The Spring issue has an excellent article regarding helmets and gear written by Wendy Moon. The article is entitled, “Riding Half-Naked (Or The Conversion of a Safety Nazi)”.

Wendy had previously had long heated discussions with her non-helmet riding friend, Revvv, but was soon to discover another world of riding. Revvv, was from a “free state” and chose not to wear a helmet, because for him it represented freedom. “No one has the right to tell me what to do,” he espoused. Wendy, not usually a pillion rider, rides her own Harley Sportster, in her home town of LA. But flying to El Paso she found herself unable to pack her helmet. On this trip she would be riding as a pillion, or rear seat rider. She asked Revvv to bring her a helmet when he picked her up from the airport, but the helmet was huge and it was as detrimental as not wearing one. So, she went without, for the first time ever.

Her riding adventure with Revvv led her to a new understanding of “freedom” and thoughts she never thought she would entertain. Please read the article for yourselves. It’s well written and entertaining.

Wendy recently passed away (no, not from riding without a helmet!) Her memorial at IJMS is here. A frequent feature writer for Motorcycle Consumer News, her voice will be missed. Enjoy Riding Half-Naked, a previously unpublished work.

RIP Wendy and kudos on a many nicely written pieces. I enjoyed this article but I’ll continue riding in my full-face helmet!