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HOT HOT HEAT or Heading to the Southwest in Aug/Sept!

Heading to the gorgeous Southwest!!

I am getting ready to take off to the Motorcyclist Cafe B&B this week and in order to prepare for the trip, I needed to replace my broken turn signal and my clutch lever which I broke off on a 0speed drop on a very challenging dirt road in the back country of OR on my last 6k journey!

So, before embarking on my next adventure, I had to fix what was wrong, change my oil, and in general get the bike road worthy for another 2k excursion. Well, some was easier said than done. I decided flush mount turn signals were in order, but trying to find a size that fit the bike was challenging. I finally found some from Dale Walker’s Holeshot site and they fit perfectly! With an email from Dale, I discovered that they were quite easy to install.

The new levers are pure glitz. I wanted to get Pazzo levers but didn’t want to pay the price, so I bought silly carbon fiber clones. As often as I break them, I’ll have a new set before too long! šŸ˜‰

Tomorrow, I’ll post the route to the SW and home again, and you can always follow along via the spot link!

A new place to park my motorcycle…

I have been immersed in the haze of searching for a new abode. Gary and I have been renting for three years now, and with prices and interest rates so low, we are entertaining a new home, but boy not without trials and tribs. We went through a house inspection yesterday only to discover that the house we placed an offer upon, needs some major plumbing work, a new pool pump among various other costly fixes. Man, and I thought motorcycles were a hole to throw money into! Today we are asking that the big ticket items be fixed or we bail and it’s back to square one. I wonder if our house inspector gives bulk discounts?? HA!
Here’s the “almost” abode…

Looks good with that motorcycle, eh?

Complete with old skool pool/spa

Riding Lessons for life…beautiful video

Name three moto-related items, you never leave home without!!

When I take off on a journey, there is an entire tank bag of goodies that I absolutely must have. So undoubtedly, for me the tank bag is the number one item I never leave home without.
My bike is the first one with the Cortech tank bag filled to the brim!

Here it is with some of the contents showing! SpotGPS in front, Camera, Water, ipod, iphone, snacks, bag of sunscreen,lipstick/chapstick, leatherman, tire gauge, flashlight, park pass, maps, binoculars, first aid book, Plexis, TP, microfiber cloth, rockstar gum just to name some of the contents!!

My second indispensable “can’t leave home without it” is my SPOT GPS locator. You can always follow me on my spot page. You can see the spot pictured here in my gear for Spain photo. This is exactly what I took to Spain for riding. I believe I used most everything, except the first aid kid (thank heavens) and the tire plugging kit (another thank heavens!)

My spot is the older model, but if it ain’t broke, why fix?

Lastly, I’d have to say my headbands to keep my hair in place inside my helmet! Those wispy bits, make me crazy flying around my face while riding! OMG and having said that, I’d have to say lipstick with the headband…i love bright lips!!

Ok…those are mine…what are yours???