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My friend Sarah, send me this link to and I have been fascinated ever since. This is a wonderful moto blog worthy of a daily check in! I have enjoyed the posters and the advertising, and all else moto, immensely.

This is one of the first posters that caught my eye.

The caption reads: I wear my helmet. ‘Motorcycle pleasure: Yes. Motorcycle dying: No’. This shot taken in France, 80s.

Good stuff!

Bikes and Babes…in Canada

While riding the Great Canada Adventure, this summer visiting friendd in Castlegard, I was presented with some wonderful historic photos of women riders in Canada. Sadly there was nothing written down about these babes, so I have nothing but some wonderful photos. Still I thought that I would share!

I don’t know if there are any female riders in this shot, but it’s totally awesome nevertheless!

Love the gear…; )

I need my friend Dave to write a tale about all involved in these photos. He has such a talent for such things!!

6 Over…new moto film teaser

Whether interesting or mundane, it certainly looks entertaining!

6 Over – Teaser from Wild Honey Productions on Vimeo.

Hot HOT HEAT…part 5: the final chapter!

Well, it was a delightful visit at the MCB&B in Show Low, AZ, but now it was time to ride home to CA, only now I was taking the more scenic route riding through southern Utah. I couldn’t miss a couple of photo opportunities along the way. The last time I was in Show Low, I passed this scene and thought to myself, how cool would that be to park the bike on the tracks and take this very shot…well, parking on the tracks did make me a bit nervous, so I pointed and shot and didn’t get as good a photo as I would have liked but you get the drift!

You can view the route here. The ride from Show Low to Torrey, which was where I was spending my first night, was L O N G, but gorgeous. I had intended to stay in Bullfrog and leave the following day to ride the entire Burr Trail, but I didn’t take into consideration that there is an hour time difference and arrived too late for the last ferry to Bullfrog. Once I regrouped, I decided I’d be riding this end of the Burr on another trip and for now, needed to get to Torrey to overnight. I did make it, but daylights saving time was nearing its end and it was dusk by 7pm.

I made a couple of quick gas/camelbak fill stops as the desert between Show Low, AZ and Bluff, UT was one HOT journey. The area is all American Indian reservation country and there is little to see and less places to stop. You make every mile count in this area and calculate your gas mileage very carefully. I wanted to ride the Moki Dugway, so I did a final fill up in Bluff knowing I’d make the ferry and Bullfrog, but since things didn’t quite work out, I knew that I’d make Hanksville, a 150 mile trip from Bluff with absolutely nothing in between for petrol.

I have ridden the Moki Dugway three other times, but I enjoy the road and the views every single journey.

As you can see you ride right up into the clouds!

The entire trip north looked like it was going to pour at any minute, but somehow I lucked out not hitting any moisture, but as hot as it was, the wet would have been welcomed.


Hot HOT HEAT…part 4

After a substantial breakfast of MzPam’s doing we went for a nice ride up to Alpine, AZ.

Getting ready to go *shot by Frenchy

Dean’s amazing GT

Me on my Bandito2 *

Being the Labor Day weekend, I was surprised how little traffic was traversing the roadways. The weather was still warm, but there were some rain clouds hanging in the sky, just enough to keep the weather fairly cool. The higher we rose in elevation as Alpine approached, the cooler the air. Alpine rests on two legs of some of the best riding in AZ/NM. Hwy 191 or the Devil’s Highway heads south out of Alpine and Hwy 180 twists its way to New Mexico. I have been fortunate enough to ride both and see some of the sights along the way. If you end up in Alpine, do consider both roads, as you won’t be sorry. Sadly today, we were riding a local loop and neither 191 or 180 would be realized.