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Another awesome Vintage pic…motocross girly rider!

Thanks go to my friend Geoff, for sharing this beauty!! Lots o’ mud there, but she appears to be powering through. I love these vintage photographs and motorbikes.

SH*T bikers say…

Bill Dwyer posted this on his blog AtlasRider I found his video highly entertaining and very very apropos. I can’t believe how many of those I have actually said, and how funny they all are! Great job, Bill. Enjoy!

We need more Moto-mechanics like the Motomethod!

Now this is a good story of community motorcycle repair. At Motomethod they offer expertise, a place to work and all the tools one might need. Whether it be just changing your oil or a complete rebuild, they are there to help and if you join their “community”, you can qualify for discounts on parts and labor, storage and bike pick up.

I not only want to meet these guys at Motomethod, I’d like to go to their shop to learn more about my bike, and to hang around the big round table breaking bread with all those that drop by for a visit or consultation. And since they are located in Vancouver, BC, a place I have yet to see, I am feeling the need to visit! Sounds like a good reason for an oil change!

Best of luck to you guys, Paul Ian and Simon and your amazing “rent a bay” shop.

Shutter Speed-A piece of moto film art!

The Selvedge Yard presents: a film by Toast. Featuring photographer Scott Pommier and East Side Moto Babe Stacie London. This behind-the-scenes short was commissioned to accompany an exhibition of photographs in March 2011. Shot with a Minolta XL601 in Black & White Tri-X and Velvia color Super 8. Music by Makkusu Ensemble, Paper Tulips, Jake LaBotz and Jimbo Goodall.”

I found this short both interesting and visually stimulating. The bike is a sweet piece of history and the rider provocative. I’d love to see the photographic exhibit.

Kudos once again to The Selvedge Yard, one of my favorite sites!!

Lions, motos and ladies…

A continuation of vintage photos, but these suggested by my friend, Sarah! Like the “Wall of Death” wasn’t stimuli enought, let’s add lions. 😉 Just phenomenal I want a lion!

Read more on these amazing women here.