A Week of Firsts…New Bike part 2

Better sunsets than the desert are difficult to imagine. It’s a gift that begins with a sharpened sky-line as the unwrapped details emerge from nowhere. Suddenly the fence in the distance is defined making even the wire more noticeable. Colors you can’t even imagine in nature become commonplace. A desert sunset can only compare to a desert sunrise.

I found myself leaving Lordsburg at an early hour for me, but the lighting made the departure well worth the sleep forfeiture.

I had decided that a good ride to Truth or Consequences would be to go over Hwy 152 from Silver City, NM. When seeking road conditions, the report said there was still snow up on top with icy road conditions in the shady corners, but I knew the daytime high was going to be in the 80s so how much ice could possibly be coating the blacktop around noon.

It was a perfect ride on an amazing road. In fact it was such a good ride, I didn’t bother taking many photographs. I was really busy having some twisty fun with my new machine!

The copper mine country near Silver City.

Jes one curve…

Near the bottom of Hwy 152 by the town of Hillsboro.

My Alaska friends now in TorC moved there due to Annie’s RA. The desert was simply a better fit for her health. Since their relocation, she is feeling better. I believe that desert air is working its magic.

I spent two glorious days with my friends, gabbing, riding around the desert, and eating David’s amazing cooking. Great, now to try and get on my unforgiving motorcycle pants.
In a brisk 35 degrees, I left David and Annie’s to get the new bike serviced in Albuquerque at R and S Powersports Kawasaki/KTM about a 2.5 hour boring ride.

I was greatly rewarded upon my Albuquerque arrival by two of my Two Wheel Female forum friends. We dropped the bike and had a great lunch together.

Nina on her big ol’ BMW 1200GS

Parking next to her made me feel like a red-headed stepchild and a tiny one at that. ;)

Colleen and I saying our goodbyes.

Colleen provided me with some AAA maps which were very handy and she sorted me out direction wise for a more scenic route to Taos, NM going through the town of Madrid (said as MADrid in NM). Madrid was the town they used as a backdrop to the film Wild Hogs. The road there was nothing special, but quite scenic and did at least have a few good twisty bits.

I stopped and got a few shots of the little artsy town.

Loved this car!

The diner they used in the film.

My favorite sign in town.

I had to get up close before I realized this was a fake cactus.

The surrounding hills.

Taos, NM

I arrived around dusk and found a motel. Tomorrow, on to UT via Colorado.

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