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AMA International Women and Motorcycling Conference

Well, sadly I missed this year’s event, having a full house of family visiting, but thoughts have been rolling in from those that attended and I can’t help but have an opinion. What a surprise, eh??

I attended the last conference in 2009 which was held in Keystone, CO. The setting could not have been more beautiful nor the course for the demo rides. It’s probably the first time I have actually felt that I got an ample taste from sampling motorcycles. The event had wonderful speakers, Lois Pryce being the highlight for me, but all the speakers were awesome and the slide show featuring the history of female motorcyclists was amazing. Fast forward…

This year the event was held in Carson City, NV. Granted it’s located in some pristine motorcycling in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but the town itself isn’t much to say the least and I grew up there. In Keystone there were many options for lodging, but in CC, one is limited to either casinos or chain motels. The event was held at the Gold Dust West off Hwy 50. This casino, though it offers dining, swimming, bowling and gambling offers little to entice most female motorcyclists, ie: shade, decent food, places to gather, or good coffee. This being said, there is little in Carson that could accommodate a large crowd, so the venue was limited.

To recap the weekend, Thursday night featured a short ride to the Capitol building parking lot and the opening ceremony at the Nevada Supreme Court Amphitheater, which is located between the state Capitol and the Nevada Legislature building. Friday, held a ride to historic Virginia City for a picnic which I imagine was fun as the road to VC is a total blast whether going through Gold Hill or following the truck route. Sunday,the closing ceremony featured motorcycle racer Mary McGee, who enthralled the audience with her stories. Daily there were interesting seminars being offered to a very diverse crowd, but sadly many were cancelled or rearranged so many times, that those that were interested in them had a difficult time finding them! Sunday, many of the seminars were cancelled and several women simply headed home.

There were two awesome features, Streetmasters offered a corning workshop for an additional $100 fee, much less then the actual class fee, but they were limited to the amount of riders they could serve. Also offered was “A Crash Course for the Motorcyclist” which was open to anyone registered for the International Women and Motorcycling Conference for the reduced rate of $37.50, and to city and state employees for $77.50. Both of these are awesome classes that I have had the opportunity to join in the past.

So…all in all, I have heard the IWMC was a success, but that it could have been better planned with earlier selection of place, speakers, and offerings to entice more participants. Also more organization at the event would have helped inform those that attended as to what was happening where. Sadly, there were only a few hundred participants, out of thousands and thousands of female riders that could have added more diversity to the moto industry in energy, knowledge and experience. I only hope the AMA will begin planning NOW for the next IWMC.

And with that said…it’s the participants that make this an awesome experience. I can’t say enough about being part of any event that brings together that many female motorcyclists. Oh the fun times one can have!!

Edible coffee cup?? uh wow….

Ok…i’m game to give it a shot!!

Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi created a coffee cup you can completely eat, for Italian coffee brand Lavazza.

I bought myself a gift…

I’d love to take Reg’s class, however this was the best I could do at the moment. I figure reading his book can’t hurt.

I also bought myself a RoadID. I decided on a dog tag style, so I could add it to the other goodies my lovely mother donated to the cause. I believe it’s an awesome combination and it’s easy to wear and tuck into my gear. I has room for several emergency numbers, other info too. It’s a perfect ID for a motorcyclist.

On the flip side of the ID is a well etched image of the Eye of Horus which is the ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health. Seems a good thing to wear when riding!

I have family visiting this week and an impending trip to see my dad in NV, but I’m currently planning the next excursion.

Ride Safely…

Part 3–2012 Girly Ride

We arose to morning fog and cold and coffee seemed to be in order, before considering anything else. The Curly Redwood Lodge was the perfect motel, clean and comfortable with parking right in front of our room and fresh coffee in the office! They even provided a tray so that I could deliver fours cups of the bronze colored addition to my room mates! After coffee, Bonnie reappeared saying everyone was getting ready to leave. Ok…well, guess I should get dressed! 😉

We layered up, knowing it was going to be less than warm on our coastal journey and headed south. As it warmed up, layers were shed.
Our group…Photo compliments of Bonnie Lampley.

It’s funny how riding groups shake out of a group ride. Like minded and paceed riders seek solace together and what a fun group we had! We chased each other down the CA coast stopping only for gas until we arrived in Fortuna for a lunch stop and a jaunt around town.

We had what I could consider a formal lunch at the Victorian Cafe. It was lovely.

Another photo courtesy of Bonnie Lampley.

I ate homestyle Macaroni and Cheese…uh yum!!
Another Bonnie photo!

After lunch we walked around Ferndale, which is a really cute little Victorian type town. We spotted this, a BMW. Someone had fun with this design.

Awesome gate

Love the reflection shots!

I was trying to figure out how they made this tree grow like this…it’s way cool.

When Gary and I were in Ferndale several years ago, we visited the Blacksmith Shop and were fascinated. It didn’t change this trip either. What a wonderful store.

After perusing the streets and realizing the time, we parted ways and some rode straight down to Shelter Cove while Dona, Bonnie and I rode the Avenue of the Giants, the scenic redwood route.

Grrrrr…shooting into the sun!!

Some large trees!

Had to do it!

The road into Shelter Cove was fraught with challenge. It was rather late in the day and the sun was low and we were riding straight into it. The road seemed unusually steep in places and I was tired. I was glad to have arrived safely in Shelter Cove at our amazing motel, The Oceanfront Inn.

One of the hairpin turns into Shelter Cove.

View from our room at the Oceanfront Inn.

Carolyn in the room above.

We snacked, some ate at the restaurant below our motel and others went without preferring an evening of libation and laughter. We ended with an awesome fire on the beach.
Photo by Bonnie

This ride was not only attended by one of the most fun groups of women I have ridden with, but every inch of the journey was amazing. I adore this gathering, even though I have little interest in group riding, and I find it difficult to believe it could possibly get any better than this.

I snapped a few shots in the morning before we all parted ways and headed home. It was a wonderful time had by all and for those interested you can see all the photos here on pashnit.

Marion’s beautiful wing

Suzi’s Gladius

Sarah and Liz’s bike basking in the morning light.

What a setting!!

Sea lions on the beach.

Getting ready to go.

Who sez we don’t have style??

I’ll leave you with this parting shot…the aftermath of some fun times.

Part 2–2012 Pashnit Girly Ride

We were to leave the motel, eat breakfast, gas up and meet at the station at 8:30. I arrived on the money and was surprised how many were already there, ready and raring to go! We got our group shot, divided into groups, and embarked on the day’s journey to Crescent City. I, desiring to make sure all got off, stayed behind until the last group was on the road, and then I too shot off. The morning had brought a light chill but I knew in the matter of a few hours we’d be hot and ready for another swim somewhere in the Salmon River. By the time we all reached Callahan, it had warmed up immensely and all stopped to shed some layers and hydrate. I loved seeing all the beautiful diverse machines parked along the highway and the wonderful women exchanging tales, tips and talk!

Our group shot

A full gas station

Tinker and her marvelous machine

Roxanne had a bit of a problem with a wasp in her jacket and provided the cheesecake for the journey.

A fine group of bikes! I’d take any one of these…;)

Joanne GearChic and her beautiful SV650S

Syd, FishWitch was our trusty unofficial sweep.

More bikes

Roxanne bought this at the Callahan store because it was 1/2 off and it would serve as a constant reminder of just how HOT we all are…errrr were. 🙂

It was at this point that we made an alteration of our route. Many of the girls were mileage challenged with their bikes, meaning they couldn’t get the miles between gas without pushing the limits. So those of us with less mileage routed through Etna to fill up and then ride Sawyers Bar, instead of Cecilville Road. Nancy’s group went the original route. Both directions were amazing.

A shot of Regina and Carolyn from the summit of Sawyers Bar. This is one of those moments that I wished I had a better camera!!

All the next photos are of Sawyer’s Bar roadway, a lovely little road!

Nice green bike in the greenery…

Lots of wildflowers along the path.

A “school” of horses!


This area is truly the only goat of the day. I didn’t know what to expect since the last time I had ridden Forks of Salmon it was pretty torn up. But today, the Sawyers Bar section was awesome!

The day ended in Crescent City, with groups of girls descending upon two restaurants. It was probably a good thing!

Tomorrow the Girly Ride wraps up…