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Check out this BEAUTIFUL short film…

Every now and again, I find something really awesome on the web…Enjoy.

LONG LIVE THE KINGS – Short film documentary – from SAGS on Vimeo.

Thanks JP at the Selvedgeyard. You have provided yet another shining jewel!

I must be a total idiot…

Well, don’t comment on that! I finally posted on the Versys Forum and asked WHY my kickstand foot would not lay flat on the ground. It’s been tipsy wherever I park, and I have to think ahead each time I stop the bike. Well, I got a response, “Dude, this is an easy fix. Just loosen two side screws and twist the whole foot counterclockwise as you look from the top. The whole thing will align by itself.”

Uh duh…it’s fixed now. 😉