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Riding the World…2012

Every year I like to do a culmination slide show of the year of riding. This year I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride with one of my best pals, Tyler Risk. We did a 3500 mile ride up to the great Northwest and Canada in the summer, seeing some absolutely gorgeous country and wonderful friends. Me, a mostly solo rider, totally enjoyed my time with Tyler, sharing motel rooms and stories and having what I would consider a wonderful “girly” escape. The only thing we lacked was some spa time and we’ll have to remedy that this year. Upon our return to CA, Tyler got this lovely shot up on a ridge somewhere above Hwy 299 near Red Bluff. Look at that amazing sky!!

I also went twice to the Southwest, once going as far as Amarillo, TX. Those trips both were about 3500 miles each. And my other noted weekend ride was the Pashnit Girly Ride with an amazing bunch of women riders. We toured the Northwest corner of CA, consumed libation and ate wonderful food. What a group of hooligans, one of which I am proud to be part!

My last journey involved riding to Solvang to view the motorcycle museum there. What an adorable little town and the museum was simply amazing and if you love antique motorcycles, it’s a must see!!

All in all this year held nearly 15,000 miles of smiles, but a bit less that my usual year of riding. Guess I’m more easily homesick these days and missing my amazing husband who supports my moto-wanderings around the country. I am fortunate to have this dream of touring North America come to fruition. It’s a life I would never trade for anything else…well, that is unless it involved touring the entire world! 😉

I do hope you enjoy this year’s video presentation. Be sure to select the HD mode. It’s a much cleaner copy!

Riding the World…2012 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

For your enjoyment, here are the links to the last two years of moto slide shows.

Riding the World…2011 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

Riding the World…2010 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

2012 Holiday Gift Suggestions for Moto-Babes!!

Every year I attempt to make some suggestions for gifts for those women/men in your life that are motorcycle enthusiasts. Often times I find myself with a ton of fine items to give, but this year I decided to be more discriminating and only post those that I myself would like to have. Here is this year’s fabulous finds.

Firstgear Contour Tex Jacket for girls…
Found at for $118.
This jacket I already own and LOVE LoVe lOvE it!! It’s one of my favorite jackets made of HYPERTEXâ„¢ waterproof and breathable, high-density, 600 denier polyester for abrasion resistance and CE-rated armor in the shoulders and elbows plus an EVA foam back pad. It’s a wonderful summer touring jacket comfortable and versatile. It’s waterproof liner comes in handy for any wet surprises. I spend alot more money that his on this same jacket as it is now a closeout item. Buy it while it’s HOT and there is still a good selection of sizes.

Reading is one of my passions. I love a good story whether humorous, suspenseful or adventurous or dystopian, I can spend hours immersed in a good tale. One of my favorite authors of moto-tales is Lois Pryce who wrote Lois on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles. Both are very entertaining reads, with glorious wit and great adventures. I would add either to a moto-babes stocking.

Another absolutely humor filled tale is the Bloggess’s book, Lets Pretend this Never Happened (a mostly true memoir) This book kept me lol for hours that was while i wasn’t crying from the poignant moments that had me laughing to tears. She is real, funny and bittersweet rolled up into a dysfunctional but functioning writer. She is amazing. BUY THIS BOOK!!

If your moto-babe is often chilled like I tend to be then a Gerbing Heated Jacket liner is the perfect gift. Now these jackets are not cheap, however they have a lifetime warrantee and Gerbing will replace or fix anything that goes wrong. I have both heated gloves that plug into my liner and dual control heat so I can have my gloves warmer than my jacket if needed. I have been wearing these for five years now, and I’ll tall you there is no going back. Nothing is nicer than turning up your jacket when traveling in 30/40 degree weather. It can extend the riding season if you aren’t dealing with snow. Jacket $219. Gloves $149.95 and don’t forget to treat the gloves with Nikwax.

I can’t think of a better gift than riding education for those bitten by the riding bug. I love to get my riding up to par with a good instruction session. There are several out there, but my friends at Streetmasters can’t be beat. You can spend an entire day with a 4 to 1 instruction on the Horsethief Mile at Willow Springs Raceway. You’ll not only improve your mountain riding skills but you will get lots of paddock practice doing U-turns, tight figure 8s, emergency stops and a plethora of other stimulating skill sets. This is a perfect gift to make the rider in your family a safe and confident rider. Classes available from Spring to Fall excluding the hottest summer months.

I’ll have more gift ideas in the coming week…so check back. In the meantime, safe holiday riding to you all!!

A little Thanksgiving Humor…

Hope you all have a Happy Holiday!

If you love Cafe Racers…you’ll love this documentary!

Photo of Sarah T from Benjie’s Cafe Racer.

This documentary is found on YouTube in four parts, but if it’s something you enjoy please purchase the DVD at jokermachine.

Wonderful film footage and motorcycle history found in this video series!

Here is part one.

The rest of the series can be found here.

15 Awesome tips for Riding in and with Traffic

Motorcyclistonline posted some wonderful riding tips for riding in and with traffic.

I have listed them here, but please go to the link to read the details.

1. Watch driver’s heads and mirrors.
2. Trust your mirrors but not totally.
3. Never get between a vehicle and an offramp.
4. Cover your brakes.
5. Be noticed.
6. Be ready with the power.
7. Traffic slowing? Stay left or right.
8. Practice the scan.
9. Left-turn treachery.
10. Study the surface.
11. Ride in open zones.
12. Use that thumb.
13. It’s good to be thin.
14. More than one way out.
15. Running interference.

Read the article then practice practice practice!