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Well, it’s another new year’s eve and the sun is shining but it’s clear and chilly and I’m sitting in a local coffee house talking to two people confined to wheelchairs and counting my blessings. As I look to 2013 I am compiling a list of what I like to call fact or fantasy for the upcoming year. I no longer make New Year’s resolutions because I never actually followed through with even one, not ever! So now, I compile my fact or fantasy list and either chuckle or tic them off, and I find both enjoyable.

So…here for your entertainment is my list.
Fact or fantasy…
I will lose or gain the same 20 lbs yet again.
I will continue my morning walks.
I will ride 20,000 miles this riding season.
I will create my most noted piece of artwork and gain some fortune.
I will spend time with both my grandsons.
I will shave my head and let my hair come in its natural color. 😉 (ya, sure)
I will go back to Europe for a motorcycle ride.
I will fulfill some crazy fantasy.
I will ride less solo rides and spend more time with my amazing motorcycle pals.
I will take an awesome vacation with Gary.

I wish all of you the most amazing NEW YEAR ever and keep dreaming and riding and dreaming and riding and DREAMING. 😉

BEST RIDES EVER!!! Now where shall we go in 2013???

That snowman in the background is not the one you are looking for…

Baby, it’s cold outside and I can’t help but venture to my computer for a bit of nostalgic armchair travel to places that I have had the good fortune to visit on my motorcycle. But what stands out most from what I have seen, is what I have not seen and I hope this upcoming 2013 holds some new and exciting moto travel.

I have traveled most of the western states and some of the western provinces of Canada, but there is still plenty to see and experience. I have yet to visit Vancouver, BC and hope to change that this year. I also would be pleased to see more of BC and Alberta as well and again visit my friends around Elkford, Nelson and Castlegar areas. I would enjoy making my way farther north as well, so count me in for a BIG loop of BC in 2013.

I can’t help but revisit the SW, since it serves as some of my favorite riding areas, but I have done it several times, and this year I do need to beef it up a bit with more of the areas I have missed. Bisbee, AZ is first on my list of places to see in the SW. I am also inclined to visit Arkansas Tennessee and Missouri. My husband suggested for a tour such as this, flying into one of the larger cities and renting a bike would probably be best, that way I wouldn’t have to ride across the mundane plains. Hmmmm, now that’s a thought.

I also want to get back to Europe and do some more exploring and the call to Australia is also quite strong. There is simply soooo much to see and I do feel a bit like I am counting down the clock as I try to cram in as much moto-touring as possible before I am suddenly too old to carry on!! 😉

Oh I love gray day dreamy planning and today couldn’t be more perfect for such an endeavor. Before long, I’ll have all my route maps finished and 2013 all planned out!

To help stimulate these visions of travel, I thought it would be fun on this cold and cloudy day, to put together some highlights of past travel. I can gaze longingly as the places I have been fortunate enough to visit and maybe entice some of you out of your armchairs and onto the back of your motorcycles to see the wondrous world in which we live!! Heck we may see each other on the road in 2013!! So, let’s make a plan!

First the National Parks I have visited.

Death Valley NP, CA

Yosemite NP, CA

Sequoia and Kings Canyon NP, CA

Joshua Tree NP, CA

Great Basin NP, NV

Arches NP, UT

Canyonlands NP, UT

Capitol Reef NP, UT

Natural Bridges NP, UT

Grand Staircase-Escalante NM, UT

Cedar Breaks NM, UT

Bryce NP, UT

Zion NP, UT

Grand Canyon NP, AZ

Mesa Verde NP, CO

Crater Lake NP, OR

John Day Fossil Beds NM, OR

Glacier NP, MT

Yellowstone NP, WY

Grand Teton NP, WY

Now presenting many of my favorite scenic or twisty roads!

Caliente Bodfish, CA

Titlow Hill Rd, CA

Near Eugene, OR

Rattlesnake Canyon, WA

Lolo Pass, ID

Flathead Lake, MT

Redstone, CO

Burr Trail, UT

Sherman Pass, CA

Hwy 33, SoCal

Andalusia, Spain

Serpa, Portugal

New Denver, BC Canada

Near Canmore, Alberta Canada

IceField Parkway, Alberta Canada

Well waxing nostalgia has come to an end and now the question is….Where are you riding in 2013 and where are WE going to meet!!

A very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season in whatever you celebrate and I hope that more paths will cross next year when we are all out riding the gorgeous countryside. Here’s to good health and lost of miles of smiles! Cheers!!

Now can someone explain the cute little “devil” in the stash sack?? 😉
Now, I can add this link explaining the devilish little guy! He is Krampus, the beastlike little creature from Alpine countries who punishes bad little children during Yule. 😉

2013 Royal Enfield Cafe Racer!! How cool is that?

The new model from Royal Enfield, a cafe racer, looks like q winner. I can’t wait to read some performance reviews. If one shows up locally, I believe I’ll simply have to do a test ride!!

Gyro-stabilized electric motorcycle??

I can’t really consider this a motorcycle, but it’s a two wheeled enclosed car that will be priced at $24,000 after it’s initial $60,000 introduction. Wow, I’m not sure about you but I have sticker shock.

I like the idea of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, but safety still looms foremost in my mind. As pickup trucks and large cars still fill the roadways, I’d have to be convinced that this “vehicle” could respond quickly enough to get a rider/driver out of harms way. The video shows what I would consider something terribly unsafe for highways or anywhere there are semi trucks or even city buses. I guess I don’t understand the allure, other than staying dry on your commute, however if I was commuting within a city, I would simply use public transportation. I’m just not convinced who would use this vehicle and why?

Can someone enlighten me??