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I lost a friend… : (

A cherished friend, Sydney Sheppard, died on Monday in her home. It seems she died in her sleep. She was a rider and a pillar in the Victory Motorcycle Community. No matter what happened, she could be found with a glorious smile on her face. She will be missed by many. RIP Syd…I miss you already.

Lane Splitting in CA is LEGAL!!! Finally some guidelines.

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Lane Splitting in CA

Sacrilege….I bought a new car!

Gary and I have been fighting with our 04 Grand Prix for several years now and to no avail. Time to off the machine!! Saturday, we went to Carmax in Roseville and spent the day. I drove 6 automobiles and found satisfaction in only one, and 06 Subaru Outback and let me tell you, I’m in LOVE. Ya ya, I know it’s four wheels, but let me tell you how warm it is inside and how comfortable. If I can’t ride my motorbike, this at least is a fun car to drive. 😉

January 6, 2013 and it’s pouring and dark…do you know where your bike is?

Well, my bike is in the garage drinking from a trickle charger as it too awaits spring. I can barely stand this weather, but know that it’s necessary for the reservoirs to fill providing a drought free summer and a verdant rich spring. I spent yesterday posting to one of my favorite motorcycle forums, Motorcyclist Cafe. I posted photos of my favorite riding roads in CA and by the time the post was complete, I was totally ready to ride some roads, but not brave enough to go out and pack up the bike for an adventure. Toward the east are the snow covered mountains. to the west the coastal moisture and north only cold awaits. Even SoCal has been immersed in a cloud covered chill, so it looks like my bike will continue it’s garage drink while I force myself to lay out some maps, plan some spring rides and maybe even do some artwork!

Dreaming of many CA roads….here’s Hwy 108 Sonora Pass