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Another gem from the Selvedge Yard!

The Selvedge Yard is one of my favorite online sources for cool old motorcycle info as well as other Americana icons. He has an aesthetic I not only share but adore. I visit his site ofter, and am gloriously rewarded.

Here is another jewel, The HD Archives. Along with it I found this wonderful video, correlating the classic American haircut to the classic American bike. Being I was a barber/hairdresser for nearly 20 years I found it fascinating and apropos seeing the return of these hairstyles that are found all across America. Bravo!! 😉

Time to Repost….WHY WOMEN RIDE

Now a couple of year later, my question is probably more like, why don’t MORE women ride?

I think this is a GREAT read for those that may have missed it.


Boy, ain’t it the truth???

The Natural Law of Motorcycling…

Last journey with a friend…

Many of you already know that I lost my riding buddy and pal Syd FishWitch Sheppard on January 21. She died in her sleep at the tender age of 58. Yesterday I said an official goodbye to my pal. Though many of you didn’t know her, I thought I would share her.

If you haven’t already seen this video, it was what won her a one year lease on a Victory Cross Country, she called Skully. She has been riding her Victory Kingpin called Fishuz for the last several years and she had 155K on Syd Fishuz. 🙂 I helped her with this video and we did a lot of laughing during the filming, done by another riding pal.

I met Papa-Ken, one of my oldest rider pals from pashnit. yesterday in Roseville to pay a last tribute to our riding pal, Sydney. The service though not well attended was heartfelt by the words shared between friends and PK did her proud with some beautiful thoughts and well spoken poem. I didn’t realized Ken and Syd had never met, but it seems Syd, with all her friends, found her ties mostly online never meeting many of her cyber riding buddies in person.

For those of us that did know her, we were treated to a person, full of life, brimming with a sharp wit and keen sense of humor. Syd had no delusions about who she was, and she totally accepted herself and her strengths and weakness. She was a fully autonomous female who found joy in her own convictions and surrounded herself with her online pals whether cruising forums or playing her online word games. And when she did meet others, she was the sort of person never to be forgotten. One loved Syd immediately with her endearing smile and larger than life persona. I know that I will miss her and our lively late night telephone conversations.

This is a shot taken of Syd on one of our rides. I rarely rode with Syd because she usually had an entourage of cruiser riders in accompaniment and I had my staunch “no group rides” belief and a more brisk pace, but I cherished the rides where it was just me and Syd.

I rode to Roseville, because it seem appropriate and met with her cousins before the ceremony so I could pick up Syd, though her ashes were divided three ways, the best part will be hanging with me until I am able to get out and place her on some of her favorite roads.

Here are her cousins
L To R
Patrick from Bakersfield who rides a HD.
Linda, wife of Darryl who wants a CanAm
Darryl, who took the time out of his busy life to take care of all of Sydney’s loose ends, and believe me there were several. He last rode a BMW RT and is considering the purchase of one.

Darryl sent me this fun photo taken about 5 years ago. Prior to that he hadn’t seen Syd in 30 years!

Right now, Syd’s beautiful and beloved KP is in storage. Somehow that seems a crime.

I came across this photo that Syd sent to me in 2007. I don’t even remember what this was about exactly, but I can rather imagine knowing her wicked sense of humor.

There was about a 10 minute tribute to Syd which was just lovely. It included the two big tribute rides honoring her, her winning American Road Trip video and some beautiful stills of Syd. It was quite moving.

Gorgeous flowers from Victory friends with loving sentiment.

Papa-Ken and me.

I had to chuckle at where PK parked here…note the sign, and then I realized I too could probably park there! :bigwow

I felt some closure finally, to this seemingly endless situation surrounding her death. Syd…you left us with a mystery, just like a classic film star. I love you, girl. 😉

Now let’s ride together one final time.

Syd was a frequent contributor to my blog and one such post can be found here offering advice to new riders…it’s priceless!

2013 Moto Guzzi V7 Racer….drool….

Though MCCN sez it isn’t a racer and gives so much technical info it made my head spin, I did read that all in all “without being as fast as it looks, it’s “still a lot of fun”.

I am completely jazzed about the look of it and can’t wait to ride one, but apparently even that is going to be a while since all every V7 Racer being imported to the US has already been purchased. Bloody hell!

I was pleasantly surprised that the tank holds a generous 5.8 gal but have to wonder about the additional weight up top. Also the brakes are less then desirable according the the MCCN test ride saying they don’t really have the necessary bite. I am a bit surprised this was not already tested and worked out considering how many other things were reworked successfully. Be it as it may, I’d still love to give it a go, even with clip-ons.

It’s certainly visual eye candy and I can see me on it! 😉 I bet i’d polish it as graciously as the girl in this video.

More info can be found here on TopSpeed.