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2013 Pashnit Girly Ride…LOVE and Laughter!

Sarah and Liz–two of my partners in crime. 😉 And mother and daughter, now how cool is that??

Every year I organize a woman only ride from my home forum of This year we had 27 female riders and one pillion making a grand total of 28 females spending the weekend together for some of the most fun times possible. We came together from all over the state and enjoyed one another’s motorcycles, tales and laughter. We also said our final goodbyes to a fellow girly rider, Syd “Fishwitch” Sheppard, that died earlier this year in her sleep. A gentle death with a gentle send off from her friends and fellow riders. Tales were exchanged and we shared both tears and laughter as we stood together for her final journey.

Photos by Tyler Risk

Our little group from Sacramento began early and tried to find the scenic route to the beautiful CA coast in Cambria, but alas, much of what we had to ride was not only less than scenic but quite hot and dry. We still enjoyed the Little Panoche and Panoche roads, but it took longer than expected and when we finally met Tyler in Tres Pinos, it was too late to add the other roads we wanted to ride. Well, heck, lets just get to where the margaritas were being served!!

We traveled across the Sac Delta and then rode down I5 way farther than any of us had intended without being forced, to the intersection of Little Panoche Rd.

I was able to get off one decent shot of Bonnie on I5.

When we finally made Panoche Road, the sun was blazing and temps had soared. We all had camelbaks, to keep from dehydrating, but I just couldn’t help but think about the possibility of sippy bag mojitos. While moving the temps were lovely but stopping had to involve shade! So we remained sober and hydrated and dreaming of drinking ______. 😉

We met Tyler on her new CanAm in Tres Pinos and after a spot of lunch made our way down 25 to the intersection of Hwy 198. We were all pretty much done with the heat and were much later than anticipated, so we cut out a couple of roads on our route and high tailed it to Cambria.

After all, my favorite mother and daughter team were ready for a cold beer!

Tyler Risk

We made our way to the restaurant and met up with the rest of our group for a riotously LOUD dinner. 😉

Tyler Risk

Our only group shot and half the group was so immersed in conversation and hysteria, they missed this one time photo op. Oh dear…and this is only the first evening!

Tyler Risk

Dinner with demenshea….thanks Tyler for a new avatar! Ya think that smile could get any larger???

After dinner we joined around the firepit for aperitif, vino or pick yer poison! Then there was the stories and more ensuing laughter.
It was how big, Holly???

Oh Roxanne…Work it!!!

Marion and Cris, one of my favorite couples…

Regina who is a sign language interpreter, seems to be signing something. Dare I guess?

The following morning we scheduled for a Kitchen, Cottage and Grounds tour at Hearst Castle. It was clear at the motel, foggy on the way to the castle and then absolutely clear!!

Tyler Risk

I sat out waiting for the tour bus and watched a lone coyote scamper across this field with the house of abundance in the background. What it must have been like in the roaring 20s, going up that steep mountain and coming into a driveway lined with fruit trees, a mile long pergola, towers, marble statuary and servants. My imagination ran wild!

Before we got on the bus, another tourist asked if he could take a photo of us all. We gladly obliged.

This group looks like they could be trouble!

As we listen to the “rules” of the tour I chuckle at Regina’s stylish outfit needing only a bagpipe to complete “the LOOK”. 😉

As we wandered through the tour, I couldn’t help but notice how the marble glowed pristine white. Who cleans this stuff???

One of my favorite statues ever…the Three Graces

Here is some of the amazing art we encountered.

From the wine cellar…



Guest room tile

View from inside the guest house

Marble fireplace hearth

The collection’s oldest piece

The Neptune Pool via Tyler Risk’s photo, which was far superior to any I shot!

The Roman Pool via Tyler Risk

From one type of abundance to another…Lunch at the Taco Temple in Morro Bay was amazing. The fare is as unusual as it is delicious. Every dish is a surprise.

We were all ready for lunch even after sampling mama Liz’s snack box from her Ninja 650’s top box!!

And man, we got it!! Crabcake tacos with shoestring potatoes, mango salsa, and their special dipping sauce.

Check out this piece o’cake!

Tyler Risk

Loved the decor “a la surfboard”

From the late lunch or early dinner that Tyler called Linner, we headed back to meet the rest of the group at the beach for Syd’s ceremony. It was a gorgeous time of day, right before sunset and luckily Tyler stayed and got photos of the glorious sky and sea. Syd would have pleased with the entire event!

Tyler Risk

We retreated back to the motel for another night of ribaud debauchery, but this night was actually a bit subdued for this group. Was mortality knocking at the back door? Who knows, and maybe it was just me, but I believe I was actually in bed before midnight and ready to be there!

A toast to riding forever!!

Tyler Risk

These girls walked down from the Bluebird where some of our group was staying. Sadly we couldn’t all be in one motel. That would have been ideal.

Tyler Risk

I believe I see a yawn on Megan…Really??? Let me tell you no one else around us could sleep!!

Tyler Risk

We were all up early much to the dismay of some of our motel mates.

As I staggered out for cream in my coffee, I was greeted by strange dog-like beasts.

Tyler Risk

I recognized one as a service dog. 😉

Tyler Risk

Now this monkey,is my pal Roxanne, I believe I need to find some cymbals for a holiday gift!!

It’s funny how some people react to our shenanigans. One man was so angry he stormed out and drove off. Another guy with his lovely girlfriend said they wish they had been with us, since it sounded like we were having ever so much fun. As luck would have it, she worked at a swanky motel in the LA area and said anytime we wanted to stay at their hotel just call! They enjoyed our antics! Her boyfriend was from South Africa and actually wanted a photo taken with all of us. I can only imagine what he told family and friends.

Tyler Risk

So, this girly ride rolled to a close with just as much laughter as it had in the beginning! My jaw was actually sore from all the laughter I did the entire weekend. I have come to LOVE this ride and I am not inclined to group rides, but this is the exception to the rule. Some of the girls decided to spend another night, and some had other plans. Bonnie and I decided to take the almost scenic route back to Sacramento riding some roads she had not previously ridden. We had a lovely time once we got past the central valley heat and into some twisties. We stopped in Coulterville for some delicious lunch at the Jeffery Bar and Motel. The food was surrounded by some pretty amazing historic items, but this one definitely caught my eye.
I was trying to figure out if the “expected confinement” meant the infant or the pregnant female…

Bonnie in the heat of central cal, along with a solo female rider’s very pretty Harley.

Bonnie in the Jeffery Bar and Grill, and we were feeling the heat!

Coulterville is very cute in its historic glory.

Bonnie and I split off at Grant Line in Rancho Cordova after a daunting ride just trying to find Pardee Dam. I had to laugh since I am worthless without a gps. I need never to leave home without it. After a minor side trip to consult with some locals, we found the right road but I still had to do a 7 point u-turn before hitting the exact “right” spot. So much for my keen sense of direction and my u-turn skills. Sigh…back to the parking lot for some serious skills testing. 😉

Thank you 2013 Girly Ride for giving me a stress free weekend of fun and relaxation. I adore this group ride as it’s my one concession to the sport and you girls are what make it WONDERFUL and ever so real!!! Can’t wait for next year’s ride!!

Final goodbye to a fellow Girly Rider..Syd “FishWitch” Sheppard

Well, we did it. The pashnit Girly Riders all got together rode some amazing roads, had many a good laugh and a tear or two as we said goodbye to our riding buddy Syd “FishWitch” Sheppard. Standing at the beach wondering exactly how to do this, Sarah was making footprints in the sand and had a brainstorm. We could all make footprints at the tideline and put Syd with each of us. It worked beautifully.

We joined together in a clandestine group and said our final goodbye as the tide rolled in and swept Sydney FishWitch to “sleep with the fisheys”.

Goodbye dear friend.

It’s that time of year again…the 5th Annual Pashnit Girly Ride

2012 Girly Ride Weaverville-Forks of Salmon-Crescent City-Shelter Cove

It’s that time again, when the women of the motorcycle forum get together and do a ride and gathering. This year it begins Friday August 23-25th and will be in Cambria, CA.

Every year I put forth a destination, and in the past have made routes and planned meals and meetings, but this year we are going a different route. This year we only have a destination planned and everyone attending gets to create their own goals and desires as to what areas they would enjoy riding. I suspect smaller groups will be formed, new friendships founded and lots of fun secured.

We are larger this year than in the past, at last count there were 31 attendees. We seem to lose some from attrition as the months pass from January when we begin planning, but usually by the time the day arrives there are plenty in attendance. My favorite pastime is just viewing all these beautiful and talented riders all on their own motorcycles taking to California’s roadways. It’s really a wonderful sight to behold. The mix of machines and styles are as diverse as the women sporting them!!

On a sad note, we have lost one of our long term members to illness. FishWitch Sydney Sheppard will be missed, but we all know she’ll be there with us in spirit!

I’m sure you’ll see lots of photos of this ride in the coming week. Wish us all a safe and fine journey!!

The Lincoln Highway…will the real one please stand up!

Two wonderful books, I have found to use as resources!!

I have fallen for the travel bug once again. However, where it’s taking me is still being discovered. I knew that the Lincoln Highway has the western terminus here in CA, but was not sure where. I have discovered it’s located in San Francisco quite near the Legion of Honor. Well, I have this wonderful new to me touring bike and I thought to myself, why not trace the entire route of the Lincoln Highway from the west coast to the Eastern Terminus in NYC! Now that would be fun, wouldn’t it???

Ok, I began my research only to discover that the Lincoln Highway had several incarnations and with all our technology I was able to secure a very good map presented by the Lincoln Highway Association. The highway was actually planned as a route using several existing roads many of which have been lost over the years, re-routed or just plain deserted. Some of the original road is dirt, some gravel, some trail and some not even worth trying to find! There are deserted bridges, broken pavement and I can only imagine how many ghosts.

PBS put out a wonderful video encapsulating a cross country trip on the Lincoln Highway, with highlights focusing on American culture, history, food, tradition, the American family and the continuing future of the automobile. This video sealed the deal so to speak. Now, to find the road, the wonderful Americana, the classic restaurants, the roadside attractions and of course the people!

I hope those of you reading this having any knowledge of this wonderful roadway into American will share stories, places to see, people to visit as well as tales. Please send me your thoughts as I embark on planning this epic journey! I am looking to ride this in the Spring of 2014. Let the planning commence!!

There will be more posted as I know more…stay tuned and any insight WELCOMED!!!

Great Stickers for Lane Splitting in CA…

Google Image

Well, we finally have some legal standing for lane splitting here in CA. I do hope it’s passed soon in OR too as I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to split on my last trip to the NW.

Today while perusing Facebook, my friend Kurt brought these stickers to my attention. I believe that all of us that use lane splitting and have somewhere on the back of our motorcycles to display these, should.

For those interested in getting one for yourself or a loved one, here is the link to

Paste ‘um up. I know I’m going to!!