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Lanakila Macnaughton–The Womans Motorcycle Exhibit

I had posted earlier this year regarding Lanakila Macnaughton’s Womans Motorcycle Exhibit that was held in Portland, OR. She is an OR rider and photographer that prides herself in showing “real women riders” not just the sexy female prop draped over a beautiful motorcycles. Lanakila likes the more gritty, fun, raucous, presentation of REAL female riders and I love her presentation.

The women portrayed are riding mostly vintage machines in a “rocker” fashion with what I would consider a minimum of rider protection. As much as I love seeing these women, I find myself concerned for their safety, although like all else, how one rides is a personal choice.

Regardless of the lack of protective gear, these women are indeed riders and Lanakila’s presentation of them is quite alluring and very very real.

Thanks Lanakila for a different point of view of the female rider!

Rachael Clegg–TT Artist and Model

Photo credit–Rachael Clegg on Vimeo

Rachael Clegg, the daughter of the TT racer Noel Clegg and granddaughter of Clubman’s TT racer, Tom Clegg, Rachael came by her passion naturally. She was raised on the milk of the TT, having “clock” watched from a very young age. The clocks are single hand mechanisms that are operated by boy scout volunteers. As each rider lap the course, the clocks mark their safe passage from station to station. Rachael knew what those clocks meant.

For those that need some historical background, for more than 100 years, the Isle of Man has surrendered 37 and 3 quarter miles of its public roads to the TT Races, which since May 28 1907, has unabashedly pushed the limits of racers to the very edge and Rachael Clegg is bringing her views to a similar edge.

Rachael received her Master’s degree in Art History, was in the curatorial program at Tate Liverpool and taught art for several years. She also is her own model and has been making “cheesecake” in the form of Milestones Isle of Man TT calendar following her early obsession with the female form. She is both true to her art and to calendar that pays visual homage to some of the most quirky events in TT history. The calendar shot by photographer Peter Greste, has brought Rachael’s vision to reality. Each shot is beautifully rendered and tied to one track story or another. Viewing her calendar is like following a historic journal of each corner or intersection of the TT race erotically charged.

She prides herself using authentic props from TT history provided by John McGuinness, Guy Martin, Ian Lougher, Rachael’s father, TT veteran Vin Duckett to name a few. She brings a few chuckles as she sheds light on some of the TT’s more hidden history.

I must say, I admire a woman who is so true to her art and whose end product is such a visual delight. Her 2013 calendar has been sold out, however her 2014 is still available here.

Milestones TT Calendar

Roadtrippers…what a jewel

Every now and again we find something of tremendous value on the web and for me this was finding Roadtrippers is a place for travelers who are not only seeking a road less traveled but also the nearest home made castle along the route, or a well regarded diner, or a gas station representing bygone years. Roadtrippers is an esoteric collection, lovingly put together by two passionate travelers to share with like minded kindred spirits. They turn traveling into an adventure that becomes all about the journey to a chosen destination.

On their website you can either create an account or use Facebook to log in and begin creating your adventure. The interface is both easy and fun with all the sidebar choices you can add to your map. You have attractions, food and drink, scenic drives, history and accommodations just for starters. You can save your map and all the goodies and reopen later as well as see it on your phone app.

Ok…you gotta go check it out for yourself and then tell me how handy this tool will be.

Roadtrippers has become an essential part of any road trip for this girl and one I have come to LOVE using!! Now to find s hot spring or two in Colorado and a historic roadhouse in Wyoming…

Bloody Hell!!! Washington Rider Struck by Lightening!

(Courtesy: Washington State Patrol)

The Photo is of the inside of the helmet worn by motorcycle rider struck by lightning near Chehalis on Sept. 5, 2013.

Wow, they say “shit happens”, but if it’s a lightening storm, I’m off the bike seeking shelter. This is certainly why! Maybe my friends won’t give me so much shite now. Lightening is serious stuff!

I know we all get caught in storms, but when it comes to lightening, you can usually see the storm coming. Seek shelter asap as we are lightening rods with little to insulate us. I read that his well inflated tires are what saved him. It’s certainly not something I care to experience!

Be safe out there, friends!!