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Finding Balance…

Tioga Pass

I don’t know, maybe it’s where the moon sits in the sky or where the stars are all located or maybe it’s just because I have another impending birthday that leads me to my 62nd year of dulling patina. I can’t pinpoint any singular cause, but I feel like I’ve been spinning circles and now I am waiting for the world to rebalance.

This past week I felt the loss of another rider, though we had never met, we were correspondents and it struck me like a lead pipe. We all know the rude facts, that it doesn’t matter how vigilant we ride, or how well, or how long we have ridden. It’s all about chance. It’s like gambling. We spend hours upon hours winning, seeing the beautiful sights, feeling the awesome power, riding the lightning, but all it takes is one second and the winning streak is over and you have lost. I feel the chill, but still have the yearning.

So, best gear up in my warmer gear, grab my GPS, check my tire pressure, my oil level, my lights and blinkers and get my reluctant bottom upon my motorcycle and spend a moment without hesitation or fear remembering what a grand sport this is and just how much joy I take away from each and every ride.

I need to memorize the fondness, stay alert, and look ahead to the future whatever comes, smiling all the way.

Australia’s TAC presents Motorcycle Safety with POSITIVE messages!!

For more video from the TAC check Tarsnakes.
A+ for some positive messages to keep both riders and non-rider aware!

Riding the NV/CA mountains with no particular place to go! Part 2

I was up early, but the chill of the morning made me reconsider an early start. Instead, I sat on my bed and sorted photos deciding what was worthy posting and those that were less so, as I awaited the rising temperature. Before long it was in the 60s and I was ready to head south to go north.

As I packed up the bike, I discovered some leftover Street Vibration attendees who were on there way home to SoCal. He had ridden several miles prior to the event and had his wife fly into Reno and meet him and his mates. He earnestly admitted that when she arrived the party was over. Hmmmm, I guess at least his party was over and no more wet t-shirt contests, for him! 😀 I was amazed how clean his bike was for riding over 1000 miles.

I decided upon riding to Lone Pine and then searching for the entrance to Sherman Pass. I had received convoluted directions as to where it began. I was told to turn at Kennedy Meadows and follow the road up, but that there were a few miles of dirt in a couple of areas. Now, as memory serves me, several of us had ridden down Sherman Pass on a Pashnit girly ride and we encountered NO dirt at all, so somehow this just didn’t sound right. I knew it was south, and so it was south I headed.

It’s always amazing to me when a major highway is just free sailing…

A few miles down from Big Pine on Hwy 395 was the little town of Independence. After the discovery of a very lovely Greek Revival style court house, I though it worth some time to do a camera exploration. Independence is a lovely little town seriously out in the middle of nowhere, but oh those Sierra Mountains!!

The Courthouse.

I love the old neon signs!


Why We Ride….trailer for a new film!

I can’t wait to see this film…it’s visually stunning and looks compelling!!

Why We Ride Website

Riding the NV/CA mountains with no particular place to go!

Hugo coerced me, made me pack all the wrong stuff, took me the cold way and then didn’t allow my gerbing to heat. How’s that for a third date and does that make the romance a one sided type? Oh dear, I had a lot to consider as I attempted to scoot through a huge group of American iron on Hwy 88 and my mind was reeling.

Originally I was going to Torrey, UT for a yearly rally put on my In theory the gathering sounded fun, but the temperatures plummeted and snow was found in the higher elevations, all of which I had to cross to get there. So the plan changed and then changed again. As I rode over Carson Pass, I couldn’t help but notice the roadway was full of motorcycles and CHPs. Yep, inadvertently, I had joined the masses traveling to Street Vibrations in Reno. I maneuvered through the groups and changed course. Monitor pass going southeast couldn’t possibly be full and lucky for me it was wide open. Hugo performed effortlessly and at the junction of Hwy 395, I went North only long enough to get gas in Topaz Lake.

Lovely fall colors!

The station was full of leather clad half-helmet riders all freezing with the falling temps. I had my heated gear, but had already discovered it was not working so I was almost as exposed. At least my full face helmet held back the icy wind. After gassing, I decided since it was nearly 5pm, an over night at the West Walker Motel was in order. I headed to visit the girls who owned the motel and see if maybe I could sort out what was up with my heated gear.

After a good night of sleep, a fine meal and good company, I set off in the direction I had sworn off. I was bound for Carson City, to see a friend and seek help with my ‘lectric, but not without going over Monitor Pass one more time! The road was again wide open and the colors amazing. This time I actually stopped to snap a couple of shots.

While stopped in Markleeville, a CHP was talking to a group of riders saying that not everyone should attempt riding over Ebbetts Pass. Knowing the technical aspect of that highway, I listened in. It seemed a group of riders had one member crash breaking his leg in two places and needing to be helicoptered out. Sigh…I hate it when that happens!!

Some of the machines in Markleeville.

Carson City