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A Happy Thanksgiving and good eats day to all!!

No Turducken this year…

This will be the first year that I haven’t cooked a big ol’ turkey dinner. It’s just Gary and me and we’re eating Italian food and going to a movie. It’s gonna be a bit of a quiet year and I’m still not sure how I feel about that, but this cartoon made me smile.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Alex Chacon–A Modern Motorcycle Diaries–82,459 miles

Alex is from El Paso, TX USA but feels at home just about anywhere in the world as you’ll see by his video!

I throughly enjoyed this particular travel video, although his right hand passes made me quite nervous as well as some of the crazy narrow cliffside roadways. The photography is stunning and his antics entertaining! Enjoy!!

To find out more about Alex and see other video.

Support Artist and Motorcyclist Guenevere Schwien…Every DONATION, no matter the size will help!!!

Motorcyclist Guenevere Schwien radiates color and style every time she steps up to her easel. The outcome of her passion for the last eight years has been some of the most gorgeous photorealist motorcycle paintings you’ll ever see including her most famed; a HUGE 9′ by 6′ Ducati which was purchased by a private party. Her work is exquisite but she is about to venture off into a new business model which will put some of her original work onto metal plate prints, which are ready to be hung and perfect for the avid moto-head. What could be better than art on metal??

The huge Ducati painting.

In order to introduce this new product Guenevere needs a “kickstart” to make up a few pieces for display so that she may get her work out where people can see it and where is it marketable. Her goal is to get to the Mid-America Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas this January and she needs to ramp up her plea in order to make her goal. I believe in Guenevere and though I know we are currently all experiencing a bit of a monetary shortfall, if we band together and give up a few bucks, they do add up. I personally would love to watch her succeed, as I know if more people had access to Guinevere’s work she would be hanging in many a home. Remember too, that a print is always more affordable than an original artwork, so lets see if we can give her the help that she needs to see this newly branded self-owned business get some altitude!! 😉

See her work on her website, which is also featured on my front page links. See her kickstarter here. She only has 11 days to go to meet her goal. Let’s see what we, as part of a huge motorcycle community can do to help a fellow rider to make her dreams come true!!!

As a bonus for your support, she has some amazing swag you will get with your donation. Check it all out on her Kickstarter link.

Best of luck, m’friend!! 😉

Installing a frost/fog insert in you helmet with pinlocks…

I love my Nolan N104 and was fortunate enough to have a frost/fog insert lens included with my helmet purchase. For those of you that don’t and have a pinlock shield on your brand of helmet, you can purchase your frost/fog insert lens separately, for around $30bucks. They work well and will actually keep your helmet from fogging up in the rain or frosting over in cold weather. Of course the easiest way to keep this from happening is to stay home enjoying a hot toddy around the fireplace. 😉

I thought this was a handy video for the proper installation!

Moto-Camping Beer/Soda Can Stove!! Coolest how-to ever!!

To find fuel for your newly created stove.