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The Big Money Rally and a reason for a winter ride!

Well, we don’t have much winter in CA. In fact this year we have had almost none, so trying to create a “reason” to ride is like trying a new wine or a new meal, I mean why not?? As I read about the Big Money Rally, I was keen to give it a go, even though I had no idea what a rally was all about.

I have heard about rallies and even found myself in the middle of one in Red Lodge, MT and was less than thrilled at what I discovered. It seemed to be a gathering of like minded motorcyclists all celebrating “loud pipes save lives”. I was odd girl out, with baffles still intact, so, when I read about the BMR, I was intrigued, a rally without a loud crowd or wet t-shirt contest, this was actually a rally about RIDING. I was in. Once I paid the piper and got my rally info sorted, it was time to let the games began.

One had to follow the “rules”, gather 144 points just to “finish” the rally, and I was stunned that within the first two weeks someone had easily accomplished that goal. I walked to the garage and looked at my bike breathing steadily on life support via a trickle charger. No one had even sat on it, let alone taken it out of the garage. I checked my tire pressure to discover that not only was the bike breathing by a tube but had lost several pounds of necessary air life. This bike needed me, and the BMR became the catalyst to save my BMW.

Day 1-Local small town libraries…
I first discovered that there are many roads right in my own backyard that I have never known in the biblical sense, like others I had know over and over. As I mapped my route to those spectacular bonus point destinations, I found not only roads I had not ridden but places I never even knew I wanted to see!

My first day out was sort of the same ol’ thing road wise but with libraries as the goal. Me and my trusty beemer headed to the Sac Delta.

Though it didn’t sound like any big deal, the challenge was constant at trying to get a photo of the library signage, the BMR placard and the bike all focused and in one shot.

Doods…the trash can was not ambient.

The library in Isleton was a bit better.

but the best of the day was in Ione.

These little cars were across the street and I looked to find the owner to see if a trade might be initiated.

Ok…I know you are thinking, why the dull and boring library photos…well, the criteria is strict and all photos MUST be taken by cell phone. We all know that the new cell camera phones are awesome, unless you are like me shooting with the first version iPhone. Ya, if it’s not broke why fix it? Well, these photos show you why.

Day 2–Roads I never knew I wanted to ride.

This was my first “I’ve been Everywhere”, point. You know the song by Johnny Cash? Well, there are point values for all the places mentioned in the song and I’m gathering there is some artistic license in interpretation. I just don’t remember Johnny mentioning Chicago Park, CA.

Winter? Spring? You name it, while mother nature giggles.

This was taken outside of Penn Valley, where I never did find the library. Sam or Puppychow as he is known on the forums, has since garnished that point and I envied in his glory! I then worked my way to Colusa and found not only the library but this awesome old sign!

Live Oak was my next stop and oddly enough, there was a huge traffic jam on Hwy99. I slipped off the main road in search of the library but couldn’t quite find it. Since school had just been dismissed, I thought I’d ask a student. Ummmmm, what sort of society has NO idea where the public library is located. I finally found one geeky kid who was obviously a reader. He sorted me out and I got my shot and headed to Knights Landing, my final stop for day 2.

Library…ahhhh you are probably over seeing any more, but here is one very cool old building with one gorgeous motorcycle in the foreground.

Well a visit from Gary’s Chicago family kept me home for several days, but a possible Monterey visit set me to my BMR maps and a route where I could grab a few bonus points and still meet the family for dinner. You go, girl!

I retraced my Delta route but this time my first stop would be in Pittsburg. Uhhh, i didn’t know CA had a Pittsburg. See BMR is expanding my horizons. I could get a “i’ve been everywhere” bonus which is more points than the library by finding the Pittsburg fisherman. He was mine!

Now for a real photo of him.

Next stop…Davenport, CA St. Vincent De Paul. A long dull ride over highways until I hit Hwy 1 which was glorious. What a winter!

I called it a night and headed to Monterey to meet Gary at a motel. *wink wink*. I arrived just at sunset and lucked out with this point and shoot shot.

Stay tuned…I’ll add more tomorrow!!

YEA….it’s a NEW YEAR! Hooray for 2014

Well, I’m thrilled to have begun a new year and hope that this season brings more riding than last season, but time will tell. I did decide to take on the Big Money Rally, which will actually be my very first rally. This is no easy rally being it’s set for winter riding with some rather ambitious goals, but I’ll do my best to get some scoring done. So far I’ve only gotten the most minor of scores, but I’m getting ready to head out soon to gather more points.

I have a few friends that also took on this rally and I wish them all the best scores and safest rides possible!!

I know many of you have stored your bike for the winter and I’m sorry you’ll just have to wait for the thaw. We are fortunate here in CA and able to ride all year! So, if you are stuck indoors, at least you can follow along with the shenanigans of those of us that are fortunate enough to keep on rollin’.

Happy New Year!!