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Nevada and the Big Money Rally…still scoring the points on my first rally ending in two weeks!

In an endless pursuit of the elusive bonus points for the Big Money Rally I droned a short 3 day jaunt over the somber Nevada desert. Unlike many, I adore riding through my childhood state, over the never ending straight highways that seem to lead to yet another town oddly named with legal brothels and gambling. The only thing that would make it a bit better would be a finely paved remote twistie road and if one looks long enough, even those can be found. Yes, Nevada holds a place in my heart.

I mapped a route covering many miles of the dull boring stuff, but it was the quickest way to my bonus points and and the plan was to cover some serious miles in a very short period. I guess this rally fever is bring me closer and closer to an IBA run, at least I’m giving it some serious thought.

This map is mostly accurate except I ran on Hwy 139 instead of Hwy 395 to Susanville to include Adin in my points!

I left home fairly early knowing I had several stop and photo sessions as well as five hundred miles to cover so that I could reach Winnemucca by dusk. I took one of my local favorite roads through Fiddletown over Shake Ridge Road to Hwy 88 and my first bonus of the Kirkwood sign. It was an amazing day.

Highway 88 still had plenty of snow showing and the air was crisp but doning my Kilimanjaro jacket and heated grips, I was quite comfortable.

Wow, there is some serious distortion in my windscreen, but I hate that bastid anyway. I gotta solve that dilemma.

This silly sign was my first point of the day and let me tell you they got even sillier as the day want on. As you can see, you need the object of the points, the bike and the placard and it’s not always easy!

I’ll not bore you with many of my bonus photos, but there are a few that total illustrate how fun this rally has been.

From the snow covered hills, I settled down into the NV desert at a very quick twisty descent. I love Hwy 88, but today sadly it was covered in CHP. I don’t believe I have ever seen this many. I saw four before I reached the NV border and the final one was hiding in some brush about 100 yards from the NV border as the double yellow opened up for passing. Man, our state must really need some revenue. Sigh…

Love this neon in Minden.

Moundhouse, NV was my next destination to get my bonus points for all the NV cathouses found there. This endeavor has been quite amazing. I have met some of the girls, had conversations with film crews and men heading in for drinks and company. Let’s just say, this is probably nothing I would have know about otherwise. 😉
There are several cathouses in Moundhouse, but my favorite of the day was Sage Brush Ranch.