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Lois on the Loose…IRAN VIDEO

Lois is brilliant, irreverent, hilarious and a wonderful all around talented woman. I can’t say enough good, but I’d like to share to little look at her, and you can be the judge. I’d give just about anything to be able to join her on a ride!! If you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and read one of her marvelous books!!

Lois on the Loose

Red Tape and White Knuckles


Elspeth Beard–RTW Adventurer, Architect and WOMAN!

Photo Credit Peter Orme

Every now and again, I find something on the web that completely fascinates me and that’s what I found in this post from facebook! Among all the amazing photographs was this shot of Elspeth and it spoke volumes. Here is a woman who is studying to become an architect who drops everything to travel solo around the globe! 1980’s were certainly a time rife with change for women, but a woman traveling solo on a motorcycle was still quite the unusual occurrence. Elspeth still a student, became the first Englishwoman to succeed circumnavigation.

Her journey began by buying a second-hand 1974 BMW R60/6 flat twin, bought for £900. Her desire was to stag the start in NYC, which meant she needed to spend an additional $340 to ship the bike and another $197 for her own airfare. She rode up through Canada then traveled south through Mexico looping back to Los Angeles. From LA she shipped her bike to Sydney and herself to New Zealand. After the bike arrived, she found herself out of money and needing a way to replenish the coffers. She spend the next seven months apprenticing in an architectural practice and living in a garage. Her time off was spend touring the entire continent of Australia.

In Australia she suffered an bad spill, which put her in hospital for a couple of weeks. Recovered and ready she shipped the BMW by boat to Singapore and again while awaiting arrival she explored Indonesia. Her next setback was in Singapore when she was robbed of all her valuables and paperwork, including her passport and motorcycle registration. It was another six weeks of waiting to replace all the missing documents. She made it through several mishaps as she traversed the globe, but finally arrived safely back in London after being away for 3 years and covering 43,000 miles. She tore apart her beemer and rebuilt the engine, and once that was complete, she finished her studies and purchased a derelict Victorian water tower then transformed it into a unique and gorgeous home, while working full time in London and bringing up a son on her own.

Munstead Water Tower, an old Victorian tower

After Elspeth worked her magic!

Elspeth is still a BMW enthusiast and rider. Initially working from her water tower, she gradually established her own architectural practice and now has many awards to her credit. Her work has been featured on British television and in several magazines.

Elspeth…you are a force and one amazing woman!

Read about her entire journey on Motorcyclist Online dot com.

A little slice of Americana WA/ID…warning no motorcycles in this post, just beautiful country!!

I took a trip with my mom and best friend to a family wedding in Idaho. We took our time and stayed in a beautifully scenic place in Washington, called Dayton. It’s an old historic town with one of the oldest original standing train depots. We had a blast in this place and could have spend a lot more time there.

We were housed overnight in a lovely old hotel called the Weinhard Hotel. It’s a beautifully kept and restored in regal antique fashion. Every room is laden with history in the furnishings. It’s not a large place, but very well priced including a small but lovely continental breakfast. Also of note, are the amazing sheets. I don’t think I have ever slept on anything so soft!

Here’s Dayton, WA
Our room with Karetta, my pal reflected in the mirror.

The colorful halls in the hotel.

A love outdoor roof top garden at the Weinhard. Sadly there was intermittent rain, but it was lovely just the same.

The town is famous for wine bars, but we decided we wanted a “real” drink. So, Karetta who is both cute and forceful went into the Eagles Lodge to see if they accepted guests. We were cordially invited to hang out there and had a GREAT time! We ate dinner there too!

The train depot

My mom, Karetta and a very nice tribute to the train conductor.

One of the many gorgeous houses in Dayton, WA

Wind generators

Amazing sky on the day we left Dayton bound for Coeur d’Alene.

It was Memorial Day weekend so the cemeteries were displaying their patriotic colors!

Being a motorcyclist, I found the roads that looked like the most fun for a motorcycle and driving my mom’s Honda CVR was nearly as much fun. Nearly…
In the town of Colfax we saw this beautiful car in the Dodge showroom. It was like a trip back in time.

My friend Karetta, will never tell!!

This is when you know you are on vacation…

My brother lives in Spokane and he met us along with his youngest son, for breakfast at his hometown airport, the day of the wedding.

The old airport

Airport clock

The airport welcome Captain. 😉

The reason we were in Coeur d’Alene…
What an amazing setting for a wedding!

My beautiful cousins, bride Michon and sister Carrie!!

This was truly one of the most elegant weddings I have ever attended!

One of my favorite shots with the bride and maid of honor through the wine glasses. A fortuitous moment, for sure!

We stayed at the overpriced Coeur d’Alane Resort. I don’t recommend it for any reason, other than the gorgeous area views if you are lucky enough to get a view room. Our however had a great view of the roof. This was a room that goes for $279 a night. Ridiculous and frustrating. But it didn’t dampen the spirit of the wedding.

Our trip home was a straight though shot, but not without a couple of nice scenic sidelines.
Sprague is an awesome little historic town right off the freeway, with great hamburgers!! Sorry no food porn!

Parked in front of the diner…wow!! My mom is always so quick even the camera can’t catch her! 😉

The town of Sprague

More trucks…

Look at this beauty!

On Memorial Day, the town was pretty quiet.

But there were still trains running through the middle of town.

Love these old signs…

The next few days were spend hanging with my mom Karetta and my sister in Portland, OR. I also got to see my grandsons, which is always fun. This was a very nice trip though not on a motorcycle, we still took roads less traveled and experienced doses of the “real” America. 😉

But it’s HOT out!

Well summer is here in full swing which places many motorcyclists in the dilemma of choosing a proper protective riding jacket. I know their are triple digits out there, but we still need to ride fully protected or our skin will end up looking like the soil above or worse!! There are many great choices of gear for summer riding and I’m going to link a few here for those of you that are still riding on the fence about gear.

My all time favorite jacket is still my Firstgear Contour Mesh jacket, but I see that they have a new version that can be found here on This is an updated version of my same jacket and they have made it in hi-vis as well. These jackets are properly sized for women and have a nice contour fit to them defining a female figure. I would simply buy the size you wear in other jackets and I’m certain this will fit well. It’s was always my jacket of choice until I bought my Olympia Women’s Airglide Jacket. I have version 3 of this jacket and you can still find them on ebay for amazing prices. So, don’t worry about pricing.

You may notice that the jackets I have highlighted are both Hi-Vis. There is a reason for this. No, I don’t love looking like a 4th of July fire cracker, but I love being seen and it’s proven all around in nearly every industry that Hi-Vis is seen! Why do you think all highway workers are now wearing them? Anyway, I certainly notice how the seas will part when I’m lane splitting with my Olympia over my Firstgear mesh, which is black.

Firstgear Mesh

Olympia Mesh

For those that are more petite, Rev’it makes the wonderful Women’s Airwave jacket. This jacket does not come in Hi-Vis, however it does come in white and an outstanding black and white. Check it out.

Rev’it Mesh

All these makers that I have mentioned also have pants that are mesh and breathable. I prefer having both pieces match, so that I can zip the two together when touring. I have both Olympia and Firstgear pants and LOVE LOVE LOVE both!!

So, don’t, seriously just don’t leave home without first gearing up and by this I mean on EVERY ride. Why take a chance. It’s a jungle out there, which distracted drivers doing everything from eating lunch to scolding the kids while texting. I am absolutely religious about gearing up for every ride!

On another note, STAY HYDRATED too. I have a camelbak, but whatever you do, have water with you at all times or stop often enough to gulp down something to keep your hydration levels up. I know that unless I keep drinking, I get fatigued easily and a bit spacey. Not a good way to ride a motorcycle.

So, to sum up…gear up and hydrate up and enjoy your summer ride!!

Moi sportin’ my Olympia…see, you can still look damn sexy and be protected!! I do need to cover my leggings… 😉

Highlights of the Big Money Rally 2014 or Quirky America!!

Well, after all it was my first rally, but I finished it and even got into the Bronze catagory, so I’m feeling pretty good about it. I await my swag. 😉

I wanted to share the highlights of this rally. In pursuit of points, I discovered things I didn’t even know were there and areas I didn’t know I wanted to visit, but all in all it was an awesome time and some fine sights to see.

These were some of my favorite gems along the way.

Ione, CA

Live Oak, CA

Knight’s Landing, CA

Pittsburg, CA

Davenport, CA

Monterey, CA

Williams, AZ

Winslow, AZ

Holbrook, AZ

Truth or Consequences, NM

Chloride, NM

St George, UT

Valley of Fire, NV

Death Valley, CA

Bishop, CA

Mound House, NV

Cedarville, CA

Reno, NV

Donner Lake, CA

Napa, CA

In closing this photo seemed appropriate.

Thanks to all the organizers of the BMR. I had a wonderful time and covered nearly 7K (s)miles. Until next year…

And you all ride safely! 😉