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How do you say demenshea?? dE·mén·shE·ah (de·men·she·a)

What does it mean? Despite the accented “men”, the allusion is to “dementia”, but with an emphasis on SHE, and a bit of “demon” mixed in for good measure. It has been my online monikker since the 1990’s.


When my husband first hinted at his learning to ride motorcycles five years ago, I balked, I fought, and found mountains in mole hills, but in the end he bought our neighbor’s used motorcycle and began riding after taking the Motorcycle Safety Foundation course. He was licensed and well on his way to becoming a menace to society on his old school 1986 Yamaha.

While he rode home with stories and photographs of roads less traveled, I became fraught with jealousy. I wanted to partake in the alternative lifestyle of a motorcyclist, a biker, a rebel and so after only three rides as his pillion, I too decided to take the class and ride my own. I was a grandmother, yet found myself constantly grinning in my motorbike helmet as I sought to discover the perfect pavement.

Donna and Gary

I am now a 6 year veteran rider, with better nonsense than sense, and having the time of my life. In that spirit I begin this site to attempt sharing the absolute overwhelming strength and autonomy I receive from the simple act of riding a motorcycle.

I hope you enjoy my blog keeping in mind that comments, feedback and contributions are always welcome!

Donna Roxie Jacket

Donna and Gary after a fantastic day of riding!

Hooligan Girl…shhhhh don’t tell anyone…. : )

My riding, writing, and irrepressible enthusiasm would not be possible were it not for the unending support and love I receive from my amazing family!!
The family!

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8 Responses to “About Donna”

  1. Hi Donna,

    I am trying to find a way to ask your permission to link to your blog and can only see this way. If it is not please excuse my mistake. I have taken a look around your blog and love it. I am sure that many other women riders would love to follow your blog. Can I have your permission to link to your blog from http://www.motorcycling.ca/women. We have a resource page there just for sharing links like yours.


  2. Donna says:

    I’d love to be linked to you Myra. I will also create a link to the CA site. THANKS!

  3. Donna, just passing through with footprints in the sand so you’ll know I was here (smile). Thanks for your post on Pashnit.com. You got my butt back in the saddle.

    Wishing you many safe travels..


  4. Oh, as for the question about your online monikker, never mind….I’m reading your blog…And I can even pronounce your monikker correctly (LOL)

  5. Donna says:

    Just like dementia…a play on it, which is becoming less and less humorous, the closer I get! ; )

  6. clarence stone says:

    hi donna, c stone here i used to dragrace motorcycles ,from 1079 to 1983 i had the fastest streetable motorcycle in the country.on track it ran 8.16 at 179 mph.did most of my racing on the streets though.out of 96 street races only lost 1 due to mechanical failure.stopped riding in 1984.but still love the motorcycle world.just turned 69 years young and thinking about getting another bike soon.i rode with a group of guys known as the( pastrami boys) of so cal.there were only a very few ladies riding back then that i knew,but always loved to see a great woman rider.

  7. Morgan says:

    Hi Donna! I wanted to recommend Jafrum.com for your “gear” section on the sidebar, it’s a great site and I get most of my gear there (waiting for new boots right now)

  8. Sandy Heusman says:

    It was great meeting you last night at the Grand! Happy riding and happy new year. Sandy and Ken

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