Another BMR (Big Money Rally) comes to a close

Well, I simply didn’t have the time this year to make the most of the Big Money Rally, the only motorcycle rally I have ever ridden, but still I was able to finish the rally and even get into the “BRONZE” point values! Yippie for me! 😉

I gained NO points for this shot. Shame on me for not getting up on the sidewalk and parking closer to the bonus or for getting more creative using the mirror in my tank bag. Oh well!

This one worked out a bit better as I did get the points, but you can see that not all the bonus points are as easy as they seem. This fire department was almost unreadable!

Aside from trying to purchase a part time home in New Mexico and failing and riddled, like many with some personal problems, we are plodding through the mire. I did manage to get out for a few rides since January, but nothing like the mileage I covered last year. Many of my friends, like Tyler Risk have really been dedicated to riding in general. She not only created a fun filled BMR category of movie sites, but she herself rode thousands of miles bringing in the “GOLD” catagory, which is quite a feat. In the next few days I’ll be posting all about Tyler, her CanAm Spyder and the many (S)miles she has ridden on her own amazing machine as well as some rental beasts!

Though I have missed riding the miles, I have indeed found some local color. I did a first trip to Locke, CA which is only a few miles from my home. It’s amazing what you can find when you open your eyes! 😉

Instead of riding my motorbike, this was my chariot for Locke. 😉

Hands down my favorite shot of the day!

Remember these?

This had a small sign attached saying, “Neighbor Watch”.

The studio with the paintbrushes in front also had this mailbox.

The well-known bar for bikers, that I have never visited, including today.

And finally the last of the local “color”.

I hope you that are reading this have gotten in some fine rides this season. I keep in mind that it isn’t yet over!! Cheers to you all!!

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