Flat Track Racing is alive and well in Sacramento!

The Sacramento Mile 2015 Dynamite article!!!

My friend Walt Fulton brought this to my attention. It’s quite the well written article and Johnny, the author, holds a warm place in my heart with his pure and simple ethics. I too like a good whisky on the rocks and a finely tuned sports car. 😉

I attended some flat track racing a couple of years ago in Auburn and had a marvelous time. It’s really very much like a well choreographed dance. I obviously will have to get out to the Sacramento Mile and see some AMA Pro Flat Track.

Yes, definitely!!

And by the way, my photos are “actually of a “speedway” race. They do race on a dirt oval, but the track is shorter and the bikes are different than actual AMA flat track machines. The races are shorter as well. They’re similar, but different types of racing.” Thanks davev for the clarification!!

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