Historic Louise Menzer Scherbyn poster found in Canoga, NY

Doug Holland, an Auburn man who reclaims barn wood to make recycled antique wood flooring found an original poster for AMERICA’S FIRST ALL GIRL MOTORCYCLE SHOW held in September 29th 1940, while he was dismantling a barn last July.

“I was dismantling a barn back in July,” Holland said, “It was out on Route 89 outside of Seneca Falls, and as I was doing my final walkthrough, I found this poster just laying on a box in one of the stalls. I did some research and found out more about this show and the woman who organized it.”

What Holland discovered was that Scherbyn not only was an advocate for women riders but also the organizer for Women’s International Motorcycle Association, (WIMA) the first group that organized women motorcycle enthusiasts outside of local regions, back in the ’50s.

She has recently been nominated to the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame and sadly is not alive to see her great contribution to the art of Women in Motorcycling rewarded.

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