Shelter from the Storm…

I recently watched the amazing film, “St Vincent” starring Bill Murray. Without any spoilers, I feel the need to share this wonderful closing with Bill accompanying the great Bob Dylan on the song Shelter from the Storm, which has always been one of my favorite Dylan songs.

Songs once filled my helmet as I rode but I have recently given myself to the sounds of my engine and the voices in my head as I ride the the deserted roads of the Nevada back country. The people that coined Highway 50 as the “loneliest highway” obviously never spent much time on the other roads of Nevada. There are many much lonelier roads than Highway 50, although I will give that in its day, it was the only road crossing Nevada. Now there are many side roads that feed into Highway 50 and quite honestly I have ridden many never seeing another person or vehicle! Now that’s lonely.

I had started by riding into Reno for some BMR Rally points and had gotten off to a very late start, when I realized I had the opportunity to visit some friends residing in Virginia City. Points and friends, what could be better?

I decided to use the vantage of B Street for my photos, because everyone photographs C Street or the main drag. Let’s add some variety! 😉

Story County Courthouse

Love this Trompe l’oeil

Just can’t beat a Nevada sky!

Wow, I had no idea!

I left VC the following morning riding one of my old favorite roads, 6 Mile Canyon and then to zigzag across NV back into CA then over to Death Valley and back up to Northeastern NV. This was going to be a fun ride!

After some fabulous back roads I finally reached Bridgeport. I love this little main drag and the beautiful courthouse they have there.

The Sierra Nevada Range without near the snow it should have!

The beautiful courthouse of Inyo County in Independence, CA.

When I reached Lone Pine, I decided to call it a night staying in the Best Western there. I really enjoy this motel after all a girls hasta put her feet up!

The BW also has this lovely greeting mountain across the highway.
Mt. Whitney.

Off to Death Valley

Children of the corn? 😉

Death Valley was covered in wildflowers, but in an effort to cover the miles I needed, I didn’t stop for any close ups!

From DV to Pahrump for some more BMR points then off to Goldfield and Tonopah which I was likely to call my journey’s end and a good thing! It was not only dark when I arrived but most of the motels were full. I stayed in another Best Western, but it was under construction, never a good thing. By the time I settled in, I was spend and sleep found me without any defenses!

The Tonopah Cemetery was a BMR bonus point, but what I found astounding was that the only entrance to the cemetery was in the parking lot of the CLOWN MOTEL! Can you imagine? That’s got to be two of humanities worst fears, dying and clowns! 😉

Google Image

Leaving Tonopah for Ely, I was treated to some wild horses. I adore seeing these creatures roaming wild!

One of NV’s lonelier highways…

The Train Museum in Ely was closed.

The Locks in LOVELOCK were festive. I have spend many years traveling around Nevada and never knew this was here. It’s tradition in many places of the world, but I had no idea there were love locks in Lovelock. DUH…

I feel Nevada is a pretty special place. I really love the state and spent the largest part of my childhood in it. I can’t tell you all my crazy experiences but can tell you that it’s covered in quirky roadside attractions and The Oasis is one of my favorites. Anyone want to go into business or some sort. I think Brothels are always successful…

Nevada seems to always serve as my Shelter in the Storm. I love riding there when I need to empty my head and refill it with the open country, the historic towns, the sagebrush, the neon glows, the wild horses and most of all the miles and miles of empty wild country. Home means Nevada…

Good riding to all of you m’friends and where is the place that means home to you?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journeys Donna! It’s always a pleasure tagging along.

  2. Donna Rees says:

    Thanks for reading, John. Hope you and Dee are well!!

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