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Support Artist and Motorcyclist Guenevere Schwien…Every DONATION, no matter the size will help!!!

Motorcyclist Guenevere Schwien radiates color and style every time she steps up to her easel. The outcome of her passion for the last eight years has been some of the most gorgeous photorealist motorcycle paintings you’ll ever see including her most famed; a HUGE 9′ by 6′ Ducati which was purchased by a private party. Her work is exquisite but she is about to venture off into a new business model which will put some of her original work onto metal plate prints, which are ready to be hung and perfect for the avid moto-head. What could be better than art on metal??

The huge Ducati painting.

In order to introduce this new product Guenevere needs a “kickstart” to make up a few pieces for display so that she may get her work out where people can see it and where is it marketable. Her goal is to get to the Mid-America Motorcycle Auction in Las Vegas this January and she needs to ramp up her plea in order to make her goal. I believe in Guenevere and though I know we are currently all experiencing a bit of a monetary shortfall, if we band together and give up a few bucks, they do add up. I personally would love to watch her succeed, as I know if more people had access to Guinevere’s work she would be hanging in many a home. Remember too, that a print is always more affordable than an original artwork, so lets see if we can give her the help that she needs to see this newly branded self-owned business get some altitude!! 😉

See her work on her website, which is also featured on my front page links. See her kickstarter here. She only has 11 days to go to meet her goal. Let’s see what we, as part of a huge motorcycle community can do to help a fellow rider to make her dreams come true!!!

As a bonus for your support, she has some amazing swag you will get with your donation. Check it all out on her Kickstarter link.

Best of luck, m’friend!! 😉

RYNO one-wheeled motorcycle or Uni-moto?

Would you ride one??

Vehicle production company RYNO Motors is pulling out all the stops in the motorized retail market this year.
Based in Portland, OR, they have developed a vehicle that redefines the traditional scooter. They are in the middle of building a series of 50 hand built limited edition pre-production bikes. Called ‘Micro-Cycle’ the motorcycle only has a single wheel and is powered by a zero-pollutant electric motor engine. Designed perfectly for urban dwellers—it weighs 125 pounds and is able to reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

According to RYNO Motors, the Micro-Cycle will be released in the late 2012 at a price of US$4,200.

Well, I applaud their creativity, however I do have some questions.
Is this a design to be ridden in the street like a bicycle? Can it be ridden in the bicycle lanes? Can it be ridden on a sidewalk? 15mph is a bit slow to actually complete as any sort of commuter vehicle, but then can it be taking on the TriMet like a bicycle? How long does a charge last? Would you be taking the vehicle into your downtown office or parking on the street? How would you secure it if on the street?

Those are just my first questions. I’m hoping someone from the company will get a ping on this and possibly respond. That would be awesome!! I’m always impressed with ingenuity and creativity and this is certainly both.

Motorcycles and Art…Georgia O’Keeffe

A friend sent me the link to another vintage photo that merges two of my favorite subjects, motorcycles and art.

The photo is of Georgia O’Keeffe entitled, “Women who rode away” taken near Abiquiu Ghost Ranch. The famous photo was snappedt by Maria Chabot in 1944. The painter and driver of the motorcycle, Maurice Grosser, visited his friend O’Keeffe’s ranch in 1944 paving an opportunity for Maria Chabot to photograph O’Keeffe and Grosser riding on his 1938 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead.

In all the photographs I have seen of O’Keeffe, I don’t believe I have ever seen one where she looks more mischievous or content.

You can read more about Maria and Georgia’s complicated relationship at the SelvedegeYard.

Shutter Speed-A piece of moto film art!

The Selvedge Yard presents: a film by Toast. Featuring photographer Scott Pommier and East Side Moto Babe Stacie London. This behind-the-scenes short was commissioned to accompany an exhibition of photographs in March 2011. Shot with a Minolta XL601 in Black & White Tri-X and Velvia color Super 8. Music by Makkusu Ensemble, Paper Tulips, Jake LaBotz and Jimbo Goodall.”

I found this short both interesting and visually stimulating. The bike is a sweet piece of history and the rider provocative. I’d love to see the photographic exhibit.

Kudos once again to The Selvedge Yard, one of my favorite sites!!

Inside all of us is an artist…KEEP DRAWING!

More than one viewing is required to see all the detailed nuances of the work…beautiful!

Found on Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish
Thank you, Andrew.

keep drawing from studio shelter on Vimeo.