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RYNO one-wheeled motorcycle or Uni-moto?

Would you ride one??

Vehicle production company RYNO Motors is pulling out all the stops in the motorized retail market this year.
Based in Portland, OR, they have developed a vehicle that redefines the traditional scooter. They are in the middle of building a series of 50 hand built limited edition pre-production bikes. Called ‘Micro-Cycle’ the motorcycle only has a single wheel and is powered by a zero-pollutant electric motor engine. Designed perfectly for urban dwellers—it weighs 125 pounds and is able to reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

According to RYNO Motors, the Micro-Cycle will be released in the late 2012 at a price of US$4,200.

Well, I applaud their creativity, however I do have some questions.
Is this a design to be ridden in the street like a bicycle? Can it be ridden in the bicycle lanes? Can it be ridden on a sidewalk? 15mph is a bit slow to actually complete as any sort of commuter vehicle, but then can it be taking on the TriMet like a bicycle? How long does a charge last? Would you be taking the vehicle into your downtown office or parking on the street? How would you secure it if on the street?

Those are just my first questions. I’m hoping someone from the company will get a ping on this and possibly respond. That would be awesome!! I’m always impressed with ingenuity and creativity and this is certainly both.

Todays odd find: Steampunk Whirlygig Emoto–ART ON TWO WHEELS

A Steam Electric Hybrid Motorcycle built by Tom Sepe in August 2007.

Full photographs can be seen on Tom’s flickr Page

Some other interesting steampunk vehicles can be found here on Adventures in Anachronism.

CA Govenator offers $1500 rebates on qualifying electric motorcycles!

“Californians will now be eligible to receive a $1,500 rebate when they purchase qualifying electric motorcycles. Last week the Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, helped to promote Zero Motorcycles, which are the first electric bikes to qualify for this rebate. This means that the Zero DS dual Sport Motorcycle and the Zero S Supermoto, will be available for $7,495 (plus tax) after the $1,500 rebate, PLUS, you get a 10% federal tax credit, making these bikes cost less than 1 cent per mile to run!”, according to Inhabitat Magazine.

Schwarzenegger said, “Zero Electric motorcycles are very important technology and this is great for California because this is an ideal place to ride motorcycles… I love the financial side of these motorcycles because they cost less then one cent per mile to operate and you get a 10% federal tax credit plus a California rebate of $1,500. That equates to a 25 percent price reduction making these electric motorcycles affordable for anybody. It’s part of our overall strategy to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by the year 2020.”

Zero Motorcycles also announced its “Discover the Experience Tour” across California to promote the new bikes and the new state incentive.

They make a mighty fine looking dual-sport but the 10K price tag along with the silent engine would take some getting used to. Does any reader have any experience riding an electric bike??