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A trip to Southern OR to meet friends and make new ones!

The catalyst was losing another dear friend. When my moto-pal, Bruce Laidlaw died and I realized that I needed to spend more time nurturing friendships and creating some new ones. I have spent years on the motorcycle forum Pashnit, yet had not met but a handful of other riders in person and the few that I had created some lifelong pals. So, when there was an upcoming ride to southern OR, I jumped in and committed and I’m ever so glad I did!

I left the Sacramento area at 7 am and for those of you that do know me, this is a near impossibility! It’s not that I don’t have good intentions, as I do, it’s just that I can’t seem to get out the door nor matter how hard I try. I decided due to the high temps, that early was best and I’d have everything ready to go the night before. NOT.

I got up at 5:45 and after only one cuppa joe, got everything ready to go and was on the bike by 7:15am! A first!

I was going to ride all the way to Shady Cove, OR which was a fairly long day. My friend Bonnie Lamply had a good looking route going from her place and I decided to borrow some of the back roads she was going to ride. Leaving home I took a b-line to Truckee via I80 and then veered off through Sierraville and Loyalton, by-passing Reno and reaching Susanville where I could then take Hwy 139, a personal favorite through the little town of Adin and up to the Klamath area where I planned on adding Bonnie’s route to my own.

As I rode through Loyalton, some fun memories arose. I had attended a senior prom there with my then current boyfriend. His father was the local judge and the town was tiny but adorable. As I passed through, things looked a bit rough around the edges and when I got to the north end of town there was a large queue of people. I immediately thought it was a farmer’s market or some such, but no it was a line for the food bank. Wow…

Not much around Loyalton, but hay fields and apparently not many jobs. 🙁

Eagle Lake on Hwy 139. Note the low level of water!

A little riding selfie…

I stopped in Adin for a coffee milkshake. YUMMY…the frosty there is delicious and the girls friendly. I alway enjoy a visit there but today there were two of CA’s finest in the parking lot when I arrived. Once I got situated, I asked them, “which way are you guys going?”. 😉 They responded, “well, it depends, which way are you going:”. I then said, “hey, I asked first!!”. They just chuckled and continued their tales of BMW GS riders whom they considered too old to still be riding. They kept the tone within earshot and quite frankly, I wanted to say, “hey, I’m not that OLD, damn it.” I instead simply moseyed back on the road heading north!

As I began my back road OR adventure, I discovered there was simply NO GAS to be had in any of the small towns that I passed through! I was trying to peruse my GPS for gas, when I heard a tiny, “beep beep beep”. It was Bonnie! What are the chances?? Apparently, pretty good. We both should have played the lottery that day! Bonnie suggested we might find gas in Lake of the Woods and indeed we did. It was $5.75 a gallon, but was 92 octane and had no ethanol! I don’t think my bike has ever been happier!

The route Bonnie and I wanted to take was through Butte Falls, but the guys in Lake of the Woods said it had recently been chip-sealed, so advised against it. We decided to check it out anyway and we were glad we did. It was firm and really quite good!

Bonnie decided upon reaching Butte Falls to go and find the falls. I began the trek but quickly bailed after my last supposed short jaunt on OR dirt roads a couple of years earlier. Nope…not this year!!

We pulled into the Shady Cove and the wonderful Royal Coachman Motel around 6ish and there was already a good sized contingent of Pashunts that had arrived earlier. The motel is the perfect venue for a group due to its placement along the Rogue River and the outstanding grounds! After a meet and greet and a beer or two later under the gazebo, we headed over to have dinner at Mac’s Diner wich is right next door and ate on the outdoor deck above the beautiful Rogue. Twas a very nice way to end an awesome day of riding and meeting new friends.

Though blurry, I loved how this photo captured the spirit of the evening!

This is a group of breakfast eaters and early risers. Needless to say, I didn’t make “breakie at 7:30”, but I did get some morning shots of the bikes and a cup of coffee with real milk that Bonnie had grabbed from the store even earlier!

Bonnie and my bike in front of our room. Notice they placed the fire extinguisher on the wall outside of the “hot girls” room or was it due to the fuel pump recall on my bike! 😉

Ken’s gang gears up and is ready to go. Bonnie and I didn’t want to take the exact routing, though Ken had done an awesome job on creating a lovely route. We were hoping to add a few extra back roads through the farm country and we succeeded in finding some great roads!

227 to Tiller…I enjoyed watching this skateboarder.

Bonnie securing a reflective river shot before her shadow took control.

Suddenly our shadows were attempting to twerk. We were able to catch them before it got scary…

Some nice folks we met along the way.

Farmland vista outside of Glide, OR

As we arrived in Glide after gassing up, we found our Pashnit group finishing up their lunch. Bonnie and I quickly grabbed a featured Orange Cream milkshake and Geno came to our rescue with some actual food. We then left with the group riding up Hwy 138. Bonnie and I would follow until she found another road, this one with “only 10 miles of dirt” that she had wanted to ride. I bid her farewell and noted where I left her, you know, just in case! I figured I’d catch the group, but they had gone off to visit a waterfall and I didn’t see them until that evening. I instead headed up to see Crater Lake. It wasn’t one of my best ideas!

Ken’s shot of me…I loved the peace out in the background, but being an old hippie, of course I did!

Photo Credit–Ken Jacobs

Leaving Glide…note that BIG smile!

Photo credit–Ken Jacobs

Apparently, there were enough fires in the area to create a mass of smoke which filled the crater. I, luckily had seen the lake before, as today was certainly NOT the day to view it. Sadly it only reflected the color of the sky, which today was brownish gray.

I did meet one little buddy, though.

I headed back to Shady Cove with a brief water stop in Union Creek, where I met a youthful couple returning from Washington to Oakland. He asked me, “Are you the back rider or the front rider”? I quickly let him know that I was the ONLY rider! 😉 We had a nice chat and I met their king sized dog Oso then we parted ways.

I’m not sure what time I got back but it was before the rest of the group and even Bonnie was not yet back which made me wonder if I would have to soon call in the local scout troop to put on a search. It wasn’t long before they all arrived together, Bonnie having her own dirt horror to tell, but she and the bike were unscathed!

Tonight was a Mexican meal with Margaritas and my downfall. 😉

Steve, Bonnie and Ken our illustrious trip planner. L-R

There is no existing proof that I was there after that margarita shot. 😉

The morning after…apparently I couldn’t get my eyes open!
Meredith, Ken’s wife and I in our lovely dayglow jackets!

Photo Credit–Ken Jacobs

My pal Ally House and me before we all parted ways!

Photo credit–Ken Jacobs

The following morning, I was unsure what route I was doing. Crater Lake, I had already visited, so I considered going east and connecting with Ken and Ron in Burns, but once I reached the Crater Lake turnoff, I decided instead to go to Chiloquin, a town where I spent two years of high school.

When I was there, I remember it quite differently. There little down town teemed with kids after school buying hotdog gum and eating fries and gravy at the local cafe. Now sadly, it’s mostly boarded up as the mill is gone and there isn’t much left to support those that live there.

I wonder how many visitors use the visitor center…

Bygone Americana…

My old high school. In Chiloquin, high school was grad 7-12. I was in 8th and 9th grade here.

Riding along the Sprague River.

Beautiful country!

At this point of my journey, I was still considering meeting some of the pashnit group in Burns and I thought I could turn on Hwy 140 and head towards Lakeview, OR, but the beauty of traveling solo, is the ability to change ones mind on a moments notice. Thus, when I reached 140 I decided that I would instead head home as it was only around 2pm. I made my turn toward west instead of east.

I stopped in the funky town of Bonanza, OR for something to drink since I was foolish enough to leave my camelbak at home!

As I sat and drank my cold drink and ate my trail mix I listened to two young girls talking.
“Well, what do you expect from a girl whose favorite color is camo”? hahaha…i had no idea what the rest of the conversation entailed but that was funny!

Almost as funny as this storefront! In the foreground was picnic food covered with ants and flies. The background was old products and the rest was booze. Uh….wow. I could only think of was Miss Havisham’s jilted wedding in Great Expectations, only this was the jilted picnic.

Back on the road, I stopped in Adin for gas and Susanville for coffee. It was after 5 and getting smokier and smokier due to a fire in Pollock Pines, CA, as I headed toward Reno. By Reno, an apocalyptic sky filled the landscape.

I had given up the dream of making it home this night and instead headed for my friend’s home in Carson City. They are my bestest of pals and I even have a key to their home in case they are gone, that’s how close we are! I rode right in to the garage that seemed to know I was coming and docked the beemer for the night! I was ready for WINE!

A great meal and camaraderie sitting outside in their lovely back yard commenced until I poured myself into bed with thoughts of an early short trip home.

The day was lovely over the Sierra Nevada Range but summer heat still raged in Sacramento.

A quick stop for a delicious grilled cheese at Woodfords Station, at the base of Hwy 88. I spent time there as a kid when they once had a pond of trout outside. Today I was told that the trout were taken out since it brought bears down who enjoyed a fine meal of fresh rainbows.

Fall colors filled the air.

Just outside of Kirkwood, some road construction is being done. While waiting I saw this man running down the highway with an American flag. I discovered he was part of an awesome organization. As traffic passed there were others from Team RWB in vans honking as they went.

Thirsty and once again wishing I had brought my camelbak, I stopped at the park in Fiddletown for drinking fountain water.

I rode by Gary and my favorite restaurant in Plymouth. If you go by, do stop, as it’s an amazing and outstanding culinary experience!

Ahhhhh, the oaks of the Sac valley on the last leg of the journey. I was home at last!

Hugo ventures to find his own…BMWMOA Rally–Salem, OR

I have always said that I didn’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member, however that all changed when I bought my first BMW motorcycle. Suddenly, I wanted to join a club in the hope that I could gain boundless knowledge from other beemer owners, hanging out consuming high brow cocktails and expensive hors d’ourves, while chatting about the weather in Europe. Well, it wasn’t quite as I supposed and more to the point, I was once again just another woman treading in a man’s motorcycle world, only this time at least, I was riding upon a slick BMW.

Well, why not? I got the machine, now let’s go and join the crowd that would be gathering in Salem, OR for the BMWMOA’s International Rally. There I could rub elbows with a huge number of motorcyclists and probably learn more that I’d have time to digest regarding my new brand of choice.

Ok, I hope that you got this intro was completely tongue and cheek. I have no bonfire of vanity from riding a BMW, it’s just that perception is everything, and often times BMW is perceived as a vanity brand, but anyone that has ever ridden one, is acutely aware of the well designed and beautifully manufactured motorcycle that aspires to the desire of every rider whether on or off road. These machines have ridden across Mongolia and Africa under riders with both lots and little experience and hands down have delivered. In reading Lois Pryce’s book, “Red Tape and White Knuckles”, one realizes that any motorcycle can be ridden anywhere and if you have adventure pumping through your veins, many tried and true real world excursions are often upon the back of a BMW.

So with noble intentions, I mounted my steed for a week long excursion north, into what I thought would be reasonable temperatures. Well, so much for that aspiration!

I left Carmichael hoping to meet my pal Tyler Risk and her group in southern OR. I decided to bail riding around John Day, which was my original thought, when I discovered that the temps there would probably be similar to those in the Sacramento area. I wanted to find higher elevations and some twisty roads, since I hadn’t really done any fun riding since buying the new to me R1200R. I figured, Hwy 70 would put a smile on my face as would riding one of my favorite roads Hwy 139 around Eagle Lake, just north of Susanville. Afterwards, I’d head to Klamath Lake and then take a cut off to meet Tyler in Shady Cove, OR near Crater Lake. All went as planned and I collected nothing but smiles in my helmet that day!

Hwy 70 ( I need to get over my tunnel phobia)

Eagle Lake (awesome highway!)

Quick stop for a fabulous coffee milkshake (no, it’s not very low carb…) in Adin one of the cutest towns in the area. Now tell me that bike doesn’t look tough…

Klamath Lake
Funny, when I lived here, I never considered it beautiful, but then I was a teenager, beauty was only found in boys and horses.

Riding around the west side of the lake is lovely. There was little traffic and plenty of places to stop and awe!

I arrived in Shady Cove after a brief lost moment when my GPS decided it was done for the day. I need to get another powerlet that is closer than the one already on the bike, which is on the left side of the bike under the seat. That one is perfect for heated gear but a bit too far to plug the gps. My battery obviously must need replacing as well, but regardless, I had to employ an actual paper map. Hmmmmm, i tried a side road which was a ton of fun, but didn’t really get me where I intended. Oh well, one is NEVER lost on a motorcycle and I drifted easily into the Royal Coachman Inn, in Shady Cove to Tyler’s waiting eyes!

The Royal Coachman is a most awesome place right on the Rogue River, reasonably priced, motorcycle friendly with a great restaurant next door. What’s not to like?

I loved that I was Number 1…;)

The motel grounds were exquisite.

There were both ducks and geese about.

And a few spiders…

and Spyders…

The following day, I Donna Rees aka demenshea, went on a group ride. I can’t tell you how much flack I got! CC even said, “don’t look now Donna, but you are on a group ride”. Ya…well it’s a darned special group!!

Scott Wade


Scott’s wife Susan and CC in the background with Tyler on the right.

Scott, Sue, CC and Bill…they were a wonderful gang to hang with over the amazing Hwy 227…wow!!!

Love the bridge, but glad we didn’t have to cross it…it was hot and slick to even walk on!

After 227 we rode along the Umpqua River which supplied some gorgeous vistas.

We continued onto Coos Bay over Hwy 42 a nice cool scenic route. In Coos Bay, we stopped for lunch and another layer as the temperature difference was quite noticeable. It was there that I parted ways and was working my way back to the east and to Portland so visit my mom before the rally. I spent a couple of days in Portland and then headed to Salem on Thursday morning. The rally was already in full swing!

Hey, that’s not a beemer…but there were several of these spotted over the next few days!

I was already ooohhhing and aahhhhing…

I loved this gal’s bike!

First order of biz…to find my SherpaTed tent, in the sea of already placed tents.

Here it is, number 53 complete with dogtag and mint on my pillow. Awwwwww

Just up the way, I met a forum buddy Kelly and her husband Jay. Now how awesome!

Next I found my friend John MotoRider, arriving.

We found it necessary to get right out and wander and hustle up to some libation in our BMWMOA supplied cup.

We didn’t stick around long enough to hear this guy play or drink enough…

Loved this entire set-up…camo tent, stealth bike and sidecar.

John finally thought he found a box large enough for all my crap…oh ha ha, a girl’s gotta have room for her smile. 😉

There were plenty of bikes that had traveled the world.

I enjoyed a couple of seminars after meeting up with CC and Bill who had also split off of Tyler’s group but a couple of days after me. We were able to catch “Making the Long Ride Easier” with seatmaker Dan Webber and and awesome rider coach and Baja 1000 rider, Coach Ramey Stroud. He gave testament to Dan’s skills as he got him back in the saddle after a devastating accident that left him with a head injury and some lower body paralysis. He is now riding again, which is amazing. I adore his attitude, “Get-offs happen to all of us in one way or another, the difference is how we handle it. The trick is to keep looking ahead– setting goals and putting them on the calendar.” Bravo Coach!

We also tried to find the “Packing Light/Packing Right” seminar, but ended up in a BMW Apparel and Equipment presentation. We didn’t last long.

The evening entertainment featured Canned Heat. Now that was a blast from the past and they still know how to ROCK a crowd!

Harvey Mandel was on lead guitar.

With as much marijuana as drifted from the stage, I’d say someone in the group had a much loved Rx. The show was excellent!

Day one had come to a close…now time to test my tent.

Riding for Mother…to Portland OR and back for Mother’s Day

A spontaneous ride emerged with the onset of Mother’s Day, since it had been several months since I had seen or spent time with my mother. So, In near perfect weather, I packed up the Bandito, routed a quick map in google and asked Gary to clone it onto the GPS and off I went with promises to return in a couple of days. Well, almost…

Leaving at a somewhat reasonable hour, I had an amazing ride under partly cloudy skies knowing that some serious goat awaited me as I headed to Antelope Lake. The windy Hwy 49 was a great introduction to what lay ahead.

Route to PDX


Hwy 49

The back roads to Antelope Laker were all Forest Service roads that wound up in elevation through an area that had been badly burned several years ago. The underbrush rich and vibrant grew up around the skeletal remains of the tall threes. The skies shed a quick downpour and I used caution over the newly wet roads. As I rose, I couldn’t believe just how many shades of green covered the hillsides. It was a new birth to the area, lush and ripe.

A quick rainfall…

Descending towards Janesville and looking into the valley below.

Highway 139 is one of my favorite roads to traverse north of Susanville and working toward Oregon. Eagle Lake is located off 139. I have wanted to stay here and at one point or another will make it so!

These flowers were prolific along the highway in NorCal and Southern OR.

The sun was getting low in the sky and the reflection in my lens was a treat though a far cry from the natural lighting.

Love the sky, which immediately brought the image of Monty Python’s god in the clouds.

I had called ahead knowing I’d arrive in Klamath Falls rather late, and made a reservation. I came to learn just what a good idea that had been once I arrived at the hotel filled with dogs and owners for the American Kennel Club and Klamath Dog Fanciers big “best of show”.

Well amid the dogs, I discovered that my room had been changed from a ground level room to an upstairs, which at this point a room at all was a delight. As I pulled in, I discovered that my room and key did not match and my room was in a different building. Oh my…I was tired and just wanted to get the bike and me situated. Two lovely girls came to my rescue with a glass or vino and they called the office and asked for them to send someone to sort out my right room. In the meantime, I took a deep breath and a big swig of wine. It worked out wonderfully and I made two new human friends and six new dog friends.

After a solid night of sleep, I rose, got coffee and decided I had never seen a dog show and that it was high time. I packed up and checked out and off I rode to the fairgrounds to see some dogs.

I got numerous shots, but these were my favorites.

One dog show later and I was on my way riding along Klamath Lake where I spend two of my teen years living in Modac Point, between Klamath Falls and Chiloquin.

The lake looked as pretty as ever.

As did the house where we lived. located right across the street from the lake.

When we were kids, we’d ride our skateboards down the driveway. They were the old skool ones with metal skate wheels. Anyway, my father usta tease us that if we didn’t stop at the bottom, either the highway would get us and if not that the trains on the train track or if we lucked and and made it past both then we’d probably drown in the lake. Yep, that wasn’t the safest place to ride skateboards.

When I reached Hwy 58 any semblance of desert disappeared as everything greened up into a layer cake of textures. I kept thinking how much CA could use some of OR’s water.

I succeeded in surprising my mother as I walked into her door. My sister and I had planned this clandestine campaign and did well. Mom was thrilled and introduced me to her new canine pal, Bindi.

My mom, always reluctant in front of the lens, neglected to sit for even one photo, so instead I thought I’d give you mom at 20. Yep, that will work. 😉

The next couple of days were spent hanging with Mom and my sister and even seeing my best pal, Karetta. I must admit to being sorry I didn’t get any photos, but you’ll just have to take my word that a good time was had by all.

Tuesday morning, I left with every intention of riding straight home via I5. But noooooooo…at Grants Pass, I had to veer off the 5 and head to some twisties. I just couldn’t do it.

Here’s my route to Red Bluff.

Red Bluff to home

Much better…

I stopped in Cave Junction for coffee and had the best ever espresso shake. Wow!! Loved the decor as well, and got a kick out of the coffee angel chain saw carving, complete with her wings and her coffee cup.

The road between Cave Junction and Happy Camp is one amazing road abounding with awesome twisties and wonderful surface. I saw one other rider enjoying the road, but otherwise the road was my own.

A map of the road…

Between Happy Camp and Willow Creek on Hwy 96 another wonderful road.

Once I reached Red Bluff I found the motel that Tyler and I had stayed in last year, the Sky Terrace. I must have been on auto pilot since it was dark and I had no idea where it was, yet I ride right to it. YEA! I was done for the day!!

I pulled in next to a group of sport bikes but didn’t really pay them any mind. The following morning I met the owners and discovered they were riding two busas and two R1. The R1’s were brand new and owned by young military men and the Busa’s custom owned by older gents. We talked roads and I sent them on a way better route than they had planned. I ended up seeing them a couple more times during the day. They all had big grins!

The day was cloudy and warm and the roads empty. Hwy 36 east toward Lassen.

The road to Bucks Lake is fairly goaty but then it changes to Oroville Quincy Hwy and it’s AMAZING!!

I love all the Oleanders along the roadways in CA.

Upon my arrival home, Hayden my grandson, was quick to greet me with his new pals purchased by a neighbor. For what reason you might ask…well, I wish i knew, but by nightfall, we were setting them free.

I must admit to loving the sound of them.

You may have noticed my day glow green jacket in the reflection of my mirror. Well, I finally bought my High Vis coat and absolutely adore it. It’s an awesome three season jacket that I feel is well seen and I know is comfortable. Woohoo!!

I hope all of you that were able, got out to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a most auspicious and fine day to appreciate those wonderful women we call mom/mum!

Riding the World…2012

Every year I like to do a culmination slide show of the year of riding. This year I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to ride with one of my best pals, Tyler Risk. We did a 3500 mile ride up to the great Northwest and Canada in the summer, seeing some absolutely gorgeous country and wonderful friends. Me, a mostly solo rider, totally enjoyed my time with Tyler, sharing motel rooms and stories and having what I would consider a wonderful “girly” escape. The only thing we lacked was some spa time and we’ll have to remedy that this year. Upon our return to CA, Tyler got this lovely shot up on a ridge somewhere above Hwy 299 near Red Bluff. Look at that amazing sky!!

I also went twice to the Southwest, once going as far as Amarillo, TX. Those trips both were about 3500 miles each. And my other noted weekend ride was the Pashnit Girly Ride with an amazing bunch of women riders. We toured the Northwest corner of CA, consumed libation and ate wonderful food. What a group of hooligans, one of which I am proud to be part!

My last journey involved riding to Solvang to view the motorcycle museum there. What an adorable little town and the museum was simply amazing and if you love antique motorcycles, it’s a must see!!

All in all this year held nearly 15,000 miles of smiles, but a bit less that my usual year of riding. Guess I’m more easily homesick these days and missing my amazing husband who supports my moto-wanderings around the country. I am fortunate to have this dream of touring North America come to fruition. It’s a life I would never trade for anything else…well, that is unless it involved touring the entire world! 😉

I do hope you enjoy this year’s video presentation. Be sure to select the HD mode. It’s a much cleaner copy!

Riding the World…2012 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

For your enjoyment, here are the links to the last two years of moto slide shows.

Riding the World…2011 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

Riding the World…2010 from Donna Rees on Vimeo.

Part 6–California Chicks having converged on Canada come home!

We spent a couple of lovely “off bike” day in Portland, giving me a chance to see my son, my sister and my mother. It was wonderful time spent. Tyler had an old friend living in Lake Oswego, right south of Portland, so she and I spend a few days away from each other. Tyler saw the sights, went to the Portland Art Museum, which has a wonderful selection of fine art.

Being an artist myself, I can’t help but post a couple of the artworks Tyler shot during her visit.
Glass work

Oil on Canvas

This piece brings me to the artistic gray area of whether we as photographers can watermark a photograph taken in a museum that was of someone else’s painting. Thoughts?

We did all meet one night in the North Portland Alberta District for dinner. It was there that Tyler shot this, my family portrait.
My son, me, sister, mother!

After a couple of love days of respite, we left Portland in the morning with sun shining on us. By the time we reached the Oregon Coast, the rain began. The rain was definitely a theme on this trip. But what could you say? I believe Tyler said it all here at the covered bridge.

I had Tyler leading once again since this was her first Oregon Coast ride. The gray skies and roadway did contribute to the moodiness of this shot that I love.

Looks like Tyler needs a hug, that is if she could move her arms.

It was definitely chilly and at one point I just had to stop and warm up. Ironically we found an open art gallery called the Tsunami Gallery, and it was glowing a warm yellow. The place was just what we needed and apparently the gallery owner thought we were just what he needed. He was a real character.

Here he is with Tyler.

When we finally arrived in Gold Beach, I grabbed my travel Scotch and had a quick swill. Ahhhhh

We ordered food in the room and I ate mine in bed, the one place it was warm! After downloading photos and sorting a few, I called it a night. Tyler had already turned out her light and sleep took both of us to the next morning.

We left mid morning for CA and were quite looking forward to some California sunshine! The trip down the entire coast until we reached Cresent City was covered in gray clouds. In Cresent City, we gassed up and considered our options for heading home. We both had thought riding through the Redwoods would be pretty, but we also both were ready to make tracks. We choose one route then took another, but we are women and entitled to change our minds!

The pristine coastline reflecting a not so much condo.

Before our detour, we stopped here to gaze up Paul Bunyan and his blue ox. Neither of us had ever stopped here but pretty quickly realized why.

I had never ridden Titlow Hill Rd. and decided with Tyler’s blessing, that we should try it. It made for a long day, but one of the best ride days of the entire journey!

When we first started up the road we were riding up into the clouds. Visibility was poor but one could see that it was temporary.

Then it began to clear!

Tyler seems to be enjoying the road!

Wildflowers were in bloom everywhere.

Tyler got this one shot of me and could hear me as I rounded the bend, yelling about the beautiful colors! She was wishing she had captured video.

At the top we were greeted with a true life canvas. The mountains were layerd with varied shades of azure, blue and gray. Between the mountain and the sky was a division of yin and yang, dark and light. The darkest clouds hovered right overhead.

The top of Titlow was 5600 ft and I watched the GPS drop from that to 2400 ft in less than 4 miles. Yep Titlow Rd was a steep one!

Our ride was winding down we’d soon be in Red Bluff and then making our way home. All in all this was an amazing journey even with the cloudy gray days. We had the company of one another and the ingredients for a huge batch of laughter. Hwy 36 was it’s usual fun and Red Bluff was HOT. We were home and it had been a lovely journey.