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Gyro-stabilized electric motorcycle??

I can’t really consider this a motorcycle, but it’s a two wheeled enclosed car that will be priced at $24,000 after it’s initial $60,000 introduction. Wow, I’m not sure about you but I have sticker shock.

I like the idea of smaller more fuel efficient vehicles, but safety still looms foremost in my mind. As pickup trucks and large cars still fill the roadways, I’d have to be convinced that this “vehicle” could respond quickly enough to get a rider/driver out of harms way. The video shows what I would consider something terribly unsafe for highways or anywhere there are semi trucks or even city buses. I guess I don’t understand the allure, other than staying dry on your commute, however if I was commuting within a city, I would simply use public transportation. I’m just not convinced who would use this vehicle and why?

Can someone enlighten me??

RYNO one-wheeled motorcycle or Uni-moto?

Would you ride one??

Vehicle production company RYNO Motors is pulling out all the stops in the motorized retail market this year.
Based in Portland, OR, they have developed a vehicle that redefines the traditional scooter. They are in the middle of building a series of 50 hand built limited edition pre-production bikes. Called ‘Micro-Cycle’ the motorcycle only has a single wheel and is powered by a zero-pollutant electric motor engine. Designed perfectly for urban dwellers—it weighs 125 pounds and is able to reach a top speed of 15 miles per hour.

According to RYNO Motors, the Micro-Cycle will be released in the late 2012 at a price of US$4,200.

Well, I applaud their creativity, however I do have some questions.
Is this a design to be ridden in the street like a bicycle? Can it be ridden in the bicycle lanes? Can it be ridden on a sidewalk? 15mph is a bit slow to actually complete as any sort of commuter vehicle, but then can it be taking on the TriMet like a bicycle? How long does a charge last? Would you be taking the vehicle into your downtown office or parking on the street? How would you secure it if on the street?

Those are just my first questions. I’m hoping someone from the company will get a ping on this and possibly respond. That would be awesome!! I’m always impressed with ingenuity and creativity and this is certainly both.

Scooter chaos!! Vietnam…wow!!

Traffic in Frenetic HCMC, Vietnam from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

The Scooters of Italy…

On our European vacation we had the pleasure of observing quite the variety of scooter riders in Italy. These riders were full of bravado and amazing skills. For all the scooters perusing the roadways, you see very few close calls and less incidents. This seems truly amazing to me, coming from America where no one seems to see motorcycles, let alone a 49cc scooter.

We did see several larger format scooters on the highways and what I found most interesting regarding driving in both Germany and Italy and probably most of Europe, was the respect given to the far left or “passing” lane. There are simply no drivers lingering in this lane. They use the lane as it was designed, to pass another slower vehicle and then they move to the right keeping the left lane open. Many drivers peruse a fairly brisk pace, but they seem more alert, less distracted and better skilled. I am not sure why they seem so much better than drivers in America, but I do know there are more rigorous driving standards for acquiring a license and maintaining one. Many countries require that when a license has expired that a skills test be re-administered for renewal. I believe this helps weed out those drivers without honed skills.

The skills we saw from the scooter riders of Italy were amazing. Granted we saw little gear other than helmets, but these riders knew their limits. It was impressive.

This was the only rider we saw without a helmet!

We tried waving at many, and some actually waved back!

We saw several with kids on their scooters. We even saw some with more than one child, but all wore helmets.